The spacecraft NASA Maven reaches the surface of Mars this Sunday

Work.kom.ua_18.09.2014_qjPsquaUnM8upThis weekend, the spacecraft NASA Maven reaches the surface of the red planet after a 10-month journey, having overcome a distance equal to approximately 225 million kilometers.

If you decipher the acronym MAVEN and translated into Russian language, it turns out «Evolution of the atmosphere and the volatiles on Mars».

If all goes well, the robotic research vehicle will brake while on the Martian orbit this Sunday.

«I’m all on pins and needles. This is a historic event,» said Bruce Jakosky, chief specialist of the mission Maven.

The launch took place on 18 November last year from Cape Canaveral in Florida. The main purpose of the mission which cost $ 671 million — to try to figure out how Mars lost much of its atmosphere, it is expected that once it was denser than Earth’s atmosphere.

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