The sounds of «Mafia»: the music of the 60s, which sounds cooler modern


Finally came the long-awaited Mafia III. Not everyone had time to play it and check out a number of bugs, but everyone already knows that there are incredibly cool soundtrack. The creators have come to this business and carefully picked up the best music from the 60’s, which then generally were. It was a period of change, scandals, wars, social unrest, drugs, love, and all of this — the most fertile ground for music creation. The best music was created during this period, or appeared in the form of rudiments. Look at the names — not the singer, then great. The soundtrack sets the bar too high for the game, so we can only hope that the era of the Vietnam war, racial unrest and cultural surge passed as well.

The Rolling Stones — Paint It Black

For some, it’s a song about the Vietnam war. Others see in it hints of confrontation with the Communists, the Catholic religion, the visiting of public houses and something else. Fans of conspiracy theories like to think of something, so here is a simple red door invented notation, the Soviet flag. Do «the rolling stones» only fueled interest in the song his vague comments.

From the text of the song «Paint It Black» can be clearly understood that it is performed on behalf of a man whose girlfriend has died. So he wants to paint it black.

In addition to great chorus, killer desperate as dancing drunk with grief, in this song there is another characteristic feature of the sitar Brian Jones, which, with its spicy exotic sound sets the tone for the whole song. Because of these unusual touches, such a mixture of mystery and the frantic energy of this song and I love exactly 50 years.

But a lot of it is primarily associated with the movie «full Metal jacket» and therefore this is a purely Vietnamese theme, is reflected in the game — the character also had the jungle run.

The Animals — House of the Rising Sun

This song is the only thing that justifies the existence of the wildly popular 60’s group «the Animals». Well, that and the fact that their bass player Chas Chandler became the producer of a talented black guy who played guitar like a God, and hewing him with your grated from the thick strings of the bass and the cruel showbiz fingers, brought into the light, presenting as Jimi Hendrix.

No one knows what the song says. Oh yeah, it was written not Animals, and some unknown people of England of the 16th, not the 18th century, and then the song moved to America, changed the national. So who is it only sang: to «Animals» even scored himself a latter-day Nobel laureate Bob Dylan, but his version, like all others, was nothing in comparison. Famous paliakkara version of «animals», which every guitarist has ever played in my life, went to the text better. Is important to note one thing — historically it was a woman’s song, so no one can come to the same conclusion: whether it is a women’s prison, and the story is told from the face of the virgin who killed his father, the gambler, the face of a prostitute in the brothel in New Orleans. The song itself is a kind of unofficial anthem of this unfortunate city, as well as the events of the game take place there, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the creators of the game made it a soundtrack.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience — All Along The Watchtower

Thank God that the developers put a cover of Hendrix, not original, made by the same Nobel laureate Dylan. First, since the protagonist of the game black, and the perpetrators must be black, and secondly, the cover is really godlike, even a Nobel laureate is recognized. Hendricks added alarming folk-rock wild music squeezed out of the songs are the emotions and drive that even Dylan thought. One gets the feeling that you’re listening to the dialogue Hendrix with a guitar, a debate about life and death with a sort of pained tone. And any talk about the fact that this song is rather tired, evaporate after the solo at 1:44. Hendricks extracts sounds that are clear of many words, unless someone else could?

You Keep Me Hangin’ On — Vanilla Fudge

More attention, applause and prostrations to this unjustly forgotten group. They formed the appearance of the hard rock and progressive rock, which came from your dad, and still sickens you. Big John Bonham, for example, does his drummer Carmine of Epica (great drummer who can do everything), and vocalist mark Stein will then be shrill to sing about the ticket for a month in the composition of the Electric Light Orchestra. They showed how to combine the ubiquitous organ with thunderous tread reveal the deep percussion, hard reef, steel frame bass and great for those times uncommon good vocals. A year later, in the 68th appears Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, which made beautiful and strong vocals are an integral part of the genre, and then had to settle for is that Janis Joplin.

Actually this song is a cover of the soul-Popov song black girl trio Supremes, and the majority of the group sang other people’s songs. But performed brilliantly. Their findings greatly influenced the further development of music, thank them for that.

Cream — White Room

This team in its two years of existence has given the music more than Viktor Drobysh and «Shiny» for my entire life. Great song, written by the great Jack Bruce and made no less great by Eric Clapton (once eternal Eric sang in groups, it was a long time ago, don’t remember), talks about the suffering of abandoned guy probably went in themselves, and hopes that his love will come to its senses and return to him. This is a typical weighted psychedelia of the time, and his grandiose, pompous and solemn Intro, as in any westerns — typical handwriting music the 60s. And the motive, and the guitar, and the energy… this is music I want to drop everything, to Rob the store and go to the West. Even Maestro Clapton, frankly do not pull the chorus does not irritate. After all, he was still quite young, not jaded by drugs and personal tragedies, and was not able to write something from the category of «My father’s Eyes».

Del Shannon — Runaway

Although this song is about unrequited love (what else were people singing in the early 60’s, if not this?), thanks to Mr. Tarantino, we firmly associate her with the crime. Perhaps that is why the creators of the game and included it in the list that will not prevent the majority of the inhabitants call it only as «the song from pulp fiction». According to the text, the young man walking down the street and thinks, what the fuck that got away, the love of his life. Maybe he insulted her or is just thinking aloud from a serial rapist, but the word «fugitive» (this is translated the name) blows crime.

Affairs Shannon, one of the patriarchs of American rock ‘ n ‘ roll, wrote it in far 61. the Song became immortal, and he of Affairs is, unfortunately, committed suicide due to alcoholism and a long depression brought on by oblivion. But his croaking «And I wonder I wah-wah-wah-wah-wonder» was the no less legendary than Orochi voice of Tom waits. In fact, as melancholy solo on the synthesizer, which, if you listen, you can catch some notes of mockery and irony, saying, hold on, loser, but you still have hands. They make this primitive rock-n-roll is outstanding and unforgettable.

Creedence Clearwater Revival — Fortunate Son

Here it is, the best song to go to war and not to show the public that you’re afraid! Another mark of anti-war and anti-Vietnamese sentiment that raged in that era and mentioned in the game! This is an anti-war song, although it sounds like regular southern rock of the time. There is just says: well, guys, I’m actually not going to die, I’m not the minion of fortune. Can the leader and the main ideologist of the group, John Fogerty to mislead the Communists and their descendants. However, for the group it was OK, his entire career, they pretend to be ordinary guys with good old American South, as the dudes from San Francisco. But their typical southern Blues-rock and hysterically raucous singing was heartily accepted in all parts of America, and the world. I am glad that Fogerty himself has not changed as his hair. Why, then, it was fashionable to cut «on the page», in other words, like Dora the Explorer.

Aretha Franklin — Chain Of Fools

As she sings sexy. Now, if it does not see the fun of listening is equivalent to obtaining multiple orgasms. And you look — in fact terrible, as a monkey, but how she sings.

This is a typical black singer of that time, and in many ways it has formed the women’s soul, to which the young singers all seek, but cannot reach it. It’s No wonder they call her the Queen of Soul, and Rolling Stone magazine and even declared her the greatest singer in history, it is difficult to argue, forgive me Edita.

Franklin succeeded in this troubled time, when hatred of trying to fight for the rights of blacks has increased a hundred times, make you dance and the Irish, Italians, and blacks and Hispanics. That’s really true: art is above politics. It’s a pity this did not prevent massacres.

By the way, love song, what else can be.

Status Quo — Pictures of Matchstick Men

It may seem strange, but in Status Quo there are more famous songs besides «You’re In The Army Now». This we don’t know them well, and to the West is one of the most iconic groups. And early in his career, in ‘ 67, they played this here stylish psychedelic-rock with delicate vocals Francis Rossi. Typical psychedelic text, a characteristic sequence of chords, breaks, broken rhythm, the guitar sound was born hits, which nowadays sound good.

Particularly interesting is the story of writing the song:

I wrote it in the toilet. I was there not for the usual reasons, but to get rid of the wife and mother in law. I often came to this narrow magic restroom and sat there for hours until they finally went. Three-quarters of the songs I finished in the toilet. The rest I finished in the living room.

Janis Joplin — Piece of my Heart

Singing Joplin is always a transformation from screaming at full throat shaman on the bitter experience of the woman. In any case, it was her vocals. It is a pity that the work wear and the excessive consumption of alcohol in huge doses, and even on the basis of personal issues that do not contribute to a good life expectancy was 27, although she sang as if will live forever.

Thanks Joplin and her ensemble, the song became popular. It is also a cover song of one black singer named Erma Franklin. The song was released a year earlier, but success is not found, and the next year it is not covered just lazy, but the most charismatic version turned out, of course, Janice. Thanks to guitars in the chorus and thus sixties «Horam», it sounded like a good rock ‘ n ‘ roll, not soul. Well, the song is always about unhappy love, as unhappy as she is Joplin.

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