The skills that are needed in the kitchen to each man

Fans of high and low cuisine, fast food and Italian pizzas, to anyone who periodically tries on the guise of a cook! In other words, we all need to possess some skills, which serve as the Foundation for the preparation of any kind. Kitchen – a path not only to heart, believe famous chefs. The guy must know what he picks up, how to brew coffee or how to cook pasta. Even if you hate cooking, you probably love to surprise my friend. And to surprise friends good skill, because it is the path to the bedroom.

1. Know knives, understand the knives, think about knives!

If you already went to the kitchen, you should know that they are going to do and how to do it right. There are utility knives, and there are for certain actions. Need to know what kind of knife to cut fillets, and fillet knife why not to split the bone. There are bread knives, and there for the steaks. If you understand the difference between them, then you deserve respect for food, and if you’re still expertly handle them, the trick.

2. Learn to make good coffee

Not normal, not tolerant, but it was good coffee, which is pleasant to drink at any time of the day. Try to understand the different styles of preparation of this noble drink, such will not damage your brain. And then make a pot of coffee, experiment, prove the coffee brewing to perfection as possible. Coffee invigorates, and to be cheerful in our time – just a necessary condition of life.

3. Mandatory skills: omelettes and scrambled eggs!

Break the eggs into the pan, but making scrambled eggs delicious – not an easy task. But the Foundation, because scrambled, fried – based domestic Breakfast. Use spices, not just salt, use sauce, cheese, vegetables. Do scrambled eggs taste better than it already is by nature.

4. Soups is more important than you think

We all get sick, and your friends are sick, too. When this happened, our mothers cooked us soup. You also need to learn this simple skill, because what could be more strengthens to health than a good chicken soup? Learn to cook at least, and if you want something more exotic, then get the recipe for miso soup, or muscles. Certainly better than mindlessly swallow the antibiotics.

5. Cook the meat in any conditions

On the stove at home, on the grill in the backyard, the wood in the forest, on the burner in the mountains… If you really are a breadwinner and hunter should master the game in even the worst conditions. You have to be ready for anything and be sure that if tomorrow there was a cartoon, then you will be able to provide fresh and tasty meat myself, girlfriend and my cat.

6. Know how to handle a Turkey without destroying it

And any other poultry and livestock. That is a skill that has come to us from the time of primitive hunters, when it was necessary to kill the animal and cut him into pieces, so it is not rotted, and it was convenient to pull out. Now, of course, not as wild times, but the art of processing, you need to know. If you’re carving a Turkey, and its pieces fly in all directions, that your ancestors never seem to know what a real hunt. Not cool.

7. The pasta sauce is almost like a commandment for guy

Pasta is simple enough, to cook just. The whole point of the paste, of course, in the sauce, not in the pasta. Here you should be able to cook, and not only a recipe, as do desperate Housewives, but from memory, on a whim, a mood. You should be able to combine five or six ingredients, proportions and know their taste, knowing how to juggle. In General, pasta is easy to impress friends, girlfriends, and because this skill is really like a biblical truth.

8. A couple of recipes in mind for every occasion

Learn a few recipes that just will not be able to Salaat: some for romance, some for a wild party, something for a movie marathon. May they be always with you, because life is full of surprises, and you never know when the chance will knock on your house. Not worth it to tempt fate, if you’re not a professional, then immediately nothing good to cook. So keep the tail gun.

9. The damn dishes!

The last skill is very important, my friend. In General, you’re cooked. What we must first do? No, it is not! And to wash the dishes in which to cook. After a meal wash their plates already (or is forced to do friend). Otherwise there will be blockages, smell of something dead in the sink and other troubles. And we do you do not want to.

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