The size of your eggs will show how healthy you are, 1.08.2013, ukIe1nRnU1EFuMUK018HrCqjIaUyz96o

We all say «you got balls, friend?». It is an indicator of maskulinnost, an indication that you can. Of course, the presence of the eggs shows that you a priori have anything to do so, a figure of speech. But scientists have discovered that eggs can be a good indicator of the health of bro.

Researchers believe that the guys with big balls can be problems with cardiovascular disease. Scientists from the University of Florence in Italy believe that a lot of eggs — a sign of bad health. Prior to that, large eggs was considered a sign of increased reproductive success, but now suddenly everything has changed. Giulia Rastrelli, anthropologist, author and, apparently, a big fan of study male sex ball believes that increasing the size of the balls — a clear indication that your health gets weirder. The girl explains that a record number of veins and arteries that permeate the male genitals. Pain along with their increase can also be a symptom of a larger problem.

Be afraid, dude!

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