The simple truth, which I always forget…

manygoodtips.com_26.11.2014_XcqtJsbdFyK44There are some things that collectively govern our potential. Even the smartest of us stumble on the thorny road to success, overcoming obstacles, which themselves create, forgetting time to turn to a few simple truths. For example…

1. Education and intelligence are worth nothing without action

Even if you have a genius IQ and a PhD in quantum physics, this does not mean that your bright head must fall success, prosperity and respect just for the fact that you’re so smart. YOU can’t change anything or to make any real progress without taking action. There is a huge difference between knowing how to do something, and in order to do it. Knowledge and intelligence is useless without action, action.

2. Happiness and success are two different things

Consider two examples: on the one hand is the man whose business brings in more than decent income, but who spends a third of the money on psychologists as depression, loneliness, exhaustion, constant stress and emotional burnout gradually brings his personality is not. Successful people are sometimes unhappy people. But the surfer who lives somewhere on the coast of Australia in the van, sometimes begging for money from tourists and every morning smiling from ear to ear, because he is absolutely happy. Of course, for society as a whole that man has no value, but… for him it also does not matter. «What will make me happy?» and «What will make me successful?» – two difficult and important questions you need to ask yourself and find answers on their own, digging a good in itself. And Yes, these are two different issues.

3. Each of us has his business

No matter how you earn a living, in fact, you are only one person – yourself. The big question is: what are you selling and to whom? In the presence of full-time you sell one unit of your existence (an hour of life) at a set price (a fixed part of your wages) for the customer (the employer). Another issue is that you have all the time in search of better conditions and pay for their work.

4. Too many choices interferes with decision-making

In the 21st century where information moves at the speed of light and opportunities for innovation seem endless, we have a wide range of options when it comes to designing our lives and careers. Unfortunately, a large number of choices often leads to indecision, confusion and inaction. Several business and marketing studies have shown that the greater the choice facing the consumer, the less desired products he buys. If you try to take any important decision, don’t waste your time, evaluating every detail, every possible option. Choose what definitely will work and help «shoot». Well, if that doesn’t work, choose next on the list option.

5. Everyone has their own idea about the ratio of success and failure

Perfection is an illusion. Leave him to the search of the great painters and sculptors, because the mere mortals behind him can never keep up. This item is a bit similar to that of the second and suggests that an influential businessman, a famous musician, popular writer hides a long string of bad luck and obstacles. Some of them have overcome these difficulties and some do not. Each of us tries to expose only a successful and happy part of our life, public image, who are unknown to sadness and sorrow. And what kind of skeletons hiding in the closet? What you have to pay? Marriage, alcohol/drug dependency, nervous breakdowns, etc. Must be clearly aware of, are you ready to sacrifice something for something, because it will have to do anyway.

6. Every mistake you make is progress

The only mistake that really could get you buried in the ground for the ears – the inactivity because of the fear of making this same mistake. No need to doubt yourself when given the chance to choose one of the roads, standing on the crossroads.

7. People are perfectly able to cope with things, not cause them delight

Smart books written by smart people, asserting that «to be great at your job, you must love what you do.» On the page it looks much nicer than the state of Affairs in the present, real life. Of course, you don’t like your boring job in accounting, her drab boring as hell, and the numbers plunge into the abyss of despondency, because you sing on the stage, bathed in spotlight, and beautiful girls thrown at you with its whiteness and screaming your name in musical ecstasy. Nevertheless, the boss evaluates your work appreciated, occasionally you assign a promotion because if you work, you’re doing it right and can actually be good at what is definitely not.

8. Emotional decisions are rarely good decisions

Decisions and conclusions made on the backdrop of severe emotional or impulsive condition, can often push you into the abyss. Teach yourself to press the brake before you make an important decision. Don’t let emotions and feelings get the better of your intellect.

9. Often the source of the problem is yourself

It so happens that the problems that we have with other people: a girl friend, parents originate in ourselves, in our mentality and feelings. It can be the echoes of old grudges or unresolved issues, or moments that made you sharp negative reaction, and even the fact that you were able to let go doesn’t mean not to keep it deep on a subconscious level. A person can safely live your life, build a life, to solve everyday issues. And the fact that he doesn’t meet your expectations doesn’t make him the inveterate villain and an object of scorn.

10. You’ll never be 100% ready to implement this feature

No need to justify their inaction the lack of necessary skills, time, opportunities, or sign from heaven. Such procrastination is a type of thinking that inhibits personal growth. You’ll never feel completely ready to make a decisive leap into the unknown, but that’s what makes us grow intellectually and emotionally. Don’t run away from the unknown. Get out of their comfort zones.

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