The show started very early

Family festival of fireworks, which took place on 6 November in Edinburgh, didn’t quite go according to plan and turned into a nasty incident.

Instead of a nice salute there was a real explosion, however, is very good. Already launched missile fell on a bunch of unused fireworks and the chaos began. Victims was not special, no one was hurt, but it was unpleasant. For the first time in ten years, the holiday that truly loved all the children and adults was overshadowed. The organizers apologize, but most people genuinely liked the adventure: instead of running away from the sparks and rockets, they had a nice standing shot with the camera. The victims, however, there is one husband and two children. They have minor burns.

However, the people fairly shouted and knock, but not much. Most viewers believe that the holiday was not spoiled, but on the contrary succeeded as never before. One guy even said that I’ve never seen so many enthusiastic children in one place. On the Internet you can find many videos of this incident, but we have beautiful.

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