The shooting of the gay bar: why the mass media will blame it on Americans themselves


Only the insignificant people will be glad of the death of innocent people, typing witty comments under the news about the tragedy. Unfortunately, it is not the best way is the reaction of the mass media that deliberately ignore some of the circumstances of events in favor of their own ideological and even political preferences. What are we talking about? About the United States of America and the massacre that took place on June 12 in the wall gay bar «Pulse» in Orlando (Florida). Today this event is called one of the bloodiest in U.S. history. Killed fifty people, another fifty were injured. Who do you think was the attacker? Of course the man who imbued with the ideas of the Islamic State and swore loyalty to him.


One of the most famous bars among sexual minorities. A party: a night dedicated to all Latin America. First shots were heard about two o’clock. A COP who hung out with everyone and was not in the line of duty, decided to enter into a gunfight with the attackers and lost. Nobody famous shooter opens fire on the crowd. Begins the dance of death, people trying to hide in the dressing room, but get in the back of the book. Or heard was music at this time? Or the moans, shouts and the sound of gunfire drowned out everything around? And then there was an explosion – the police made a controlled explosion to enter the building. Simultaneously, an armored car smashes through the door to the bar is a save thirty lives. Itself the counter-terrorism operation took several hours. Enough to die another couple dozen people. Eliminate arrow shot in the head, this guy’s name is Oman Saddiki Matin, it has Afghan roots.

We apologize for this whole incident. We knew nothing about any taken actions. We, like the whole country is in shock. It has nothing to do with religion.

– Father of the arrow from the gay club Pulse

The reaction of the media

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If you want to understand the essence of order, you should immediately realize her bipolar. The vast amount of popular media States belong to the camp of the left-liberal, i.e. supported the Democratic Party. The other part support the Republican Party, classical liberalism and other «fascists.» Only a tiny percentage of the total number of publications can hardly be called truly independent, have their own unique voice. As a rule they are not popular because they voiced unpopular ideas, read them marginal.

It just so happens that currently, the information power is concentrated in those publications that are strongly associated with the Democrats. They give voice to their ideas, try on a mask mouthpiece of all freedom-loving, progressive. Their audience is minorities, feminists, students, office plankton, etc They secretly support Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and seek out dirt on Republican leaders, especially if we are talking about Donald trump (although he’s a walking dirt, but not like Hillary).

So many things that worked conservative media, the «liberal» media simply did not touch. For example, the liberal media did not remember that Omar Sadiki Matin openly supported Bernie Sanders (it is clear from his social media profiles).

They never tell you about what the presidential campaign, Clinton was part funded from Saudi Arabia.

Today the Democrats want to limit the sale of civilian weapons, some are in favour of a complete ban on free sale of weapons. And, of course, this mass murder will be used as an argument in favor of this ban, despite the fact that our terrorist has his weapons I got to work (it worked, as far as we know, in the security Agency).

I repeat another mantra about the fact that terrorism has no religion, and indeed is an isolated case, but Omar is just a psychopath. Nothing like? All may have forgotten, but we had such case in the capital, when a woman, «not because of religious beliefs,» walked with the severed head of a child. In fact, the reaction channels of publications in such events, the ruling party always identical. If it has an ideology that does not work, try to show the other side. Not even a video where the Islamic mufti Orlando (Yes, the same city) urges his fellow believers to kill gays. «The mufti,» say the Democrats, and then adds: «let’s ban guns to our citizens, especially white, this will solve the problem!»

The reaction of Americans

When was the terrorist attack in Paris, all set to strengthen the party «national Front», but this actually did not happen. The French are more shy than Americans, many of them will prefer to shift from their native country, as did, once again, the writer Michel Houellebecq, than to defend their rights. Besides, they hold no weapons. Why go to the trouble, when your house can throw a pipe bomb?

But in the States, other people, and now actually it can be argued that the popularity of Donald trump, the biggest freak in the entire history of American politics, will gain momentum even among Democrats.

It is likely that this episode, this carnage, will be the starting point of his presidency.

Here are all the problem, what was the programme of trump: sexual minorities, Hispanics, Islamists, gun control. It was believed that Hispanics would not vote for trump, but will they vote for a single candidate from the Democrats, Hillary Clinton presidential campaign which is sponsoring Saudi Arabia? Besides, how about the fact that the terrorist was clearly sympathetic to Sanders, now retired but very popular member of the democratic primaries. The elections are still far away, and Clinton has plenty of opportunities to back a bloody fortune on his side, but yet with each passing day the chances decrease.

Terrorism need to show unvarnished

From this we can develop a wonderful conspiracy theory, but just do not believe we are in this shit because of the attacks, and terrorism more than the actual problem of modern society. Russia is also dangerously close to these events, because when we crossed the road to many terrorist organizations, and recently we crossed the road the most important of them. For example, the American mass media we see the total hypocrisy in the supply of such news to its customers. The mainstream media focus on the details that are of little value, but hold back things that needed to be said in the first place. And why? Because it is unprofitable by the current administration. It would seem, and here Russia and why do we need to describe the problems of another country? But in our country from event to event is exactly the same story. And, maybe it’s time to learn how to speak right?

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