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manygoodtips.com_4.06.2015_LzTNRB0MOyiMPWas 1991, as amended by the scientific and satirical magazine «Annals of improbable research» has already died from a stream of letters about the «live» water or the extraterrestrial origin of mankind. Marc Abrahams, tired of this situation and upset that such a «genius» award scientific awards, although their popularity is always high, finally decided to establish its own award, which was given as the most anti-scientific discoveries and ingenious research, which make you smile.

The award is called «Shebelinka» and parodied the prestigious international award – the Nobel prize. It is awarded at the same time when called winners of this Nobel prize.

The main message of the prize far more important than satire. This award often raises important questions, such as: the dominance of unscientific propositions, their popularity. For example, in 1991 the prize was awarded to Erich von d? Niken, author of «chariots of the Gods», which explained how an extraterrestrial civilization » influenced the ancient world. In the same year the same prize was awarded to the correspondent of the journal Nature, for publishing an article about smart water, which has memory. In 1991 these «discoveries» caused laughter professional scientific community, but as we see now, according to Russian Federal channels similar views on the origin of man and the essence of water were dominant or not. This is due to the fact that scientific and rational thinking is not raised nor television nor school, nor family.

The IG Nobel Prize has set itself the goal to instill interest in science in wider society. Marc Abrahams believes that humour can help to achieve this goal. Soon they were rewarded not only actors «antinuke», but those people who did a very funny opening, which have a good scientific rationale, but had almost no influence on society. For example, in 2013, the award was received by group of scientists who proved that African dung beetles Orient themselves across the starry sky rather than individual stars to remember the way. Ten years before the award in the category «Biology» was awarded employee of the Rotterdam Museum of nature Kiisu Maikeru for a report in which he described the first recorded case of homosexual necrophilia a duck. Drake had sex with his cousin about 75 minutes, then KIIS broke down and drove it, took a corpse, made him a stuffed animal and wrote a report, which received the award.

manygoodtips.com_4.06.2015_W7U9fd3WzyUPGIn accordance with the scientific literature necrophilia is known among wild ducks, but only among heterosexual couples. In some cases, drakes even trying to keep mating with dead females ducks. However, as far as I know, this is the first incident of homosexual necrophilia in wild ducks from the report Molicare.Incidentally, Russian citizens also received this award, but perhaps the most famous owner is Andre Geim who has won a Nobel prize for the discovery of graphene. Andre Geim is the first person who has like a Nobel prize and the IG Nobel prize. If you touch the second awards that the Game got it along with sir Michael berry of Bristol University, for levitating the frog.

Strange the first time to see a frog flying in the air in defiance of gravity. Holding her power of magnetism. A source of strength serves as a powerful electromagnet. He is able to push the frog up because the toad is also a magnet, although weak. By its nature, a frog can’t be a magnet, but she is magnetized by the field of an electromagnet – this is called «induced diamagnetism».

Michael Berry

manygoodtips.com_4.06.2015_gXTrRU3nTMRmmLaureate 2014 in the category «Physics» was a regular prize – Professor Kiyoshi Mabuchi, who measured the friction force between the foot and banana skins, and between the sandpaper and the floor. You would think that the importance of this study is equal to zero, but it turned out that a Japanese group of scientists took up a very important point: the understanding of the mechanism of human joints.

Due to the internal parts of the joints, which resembles in its structure the peel, provided their mobility. I was somewhat surprised and even delighted, when they learned that we were awarded this prize.

Kiyoshi MabuchiEarlier, the ceremony was held at the Massachusetts Institute of technology, now the premium has moved to Harvard. Handed her a well-known Nobel laureates. The lighting ceremony may not such as the coverage of the Nobel prize, but she still is ambitious and massive. Sometimes it is the IG Nobel prize is more prominent in the popular consciousness than its serious counterpart.

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