The shirt does not need to wash

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Of course, this is a real dream, imagine: shirt you don’t need to be washed! Of course, it was invented shirts of synthetic material that retain the purity and freshness within 100 days of continuous wear. But synthetics are harmful to the skin: acne, blemishes, strange, the skin does not breathe — in short, a lot of flaws. True.

This shirt is from the company Wool & Prince made of fine wool Merino sheep, which is not prickly and has all the positive qualities of regular wool. She takes pot (eliminates odor and a breeding ground for bacteria), it is soft, holds its shape. The material is several times stronger than the most durable cotton, and a special wax coating on the surface of the shirt does not allow it to get dirty.

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While this is only a draft (although its effectiveness is confirmed 15 testers), the company is actively raising funds to shirt for lazy on Kickstarter. If all fails, then it will cost only $ 99. Not a bad offer, do you think?

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