The shame and hatred: what should a man ashamed of nowadays?

manygoodtips.com_18.02.2014_mZcjEeMBzTOxnThere are many things that we are trying to give the most classy, funny and amazing things. Since in the edition we have going on sort of a communism in the spirit of «write what you want, not only about games», I decided I should write about those things that we somehow try to stand as something original, cool and detached, although she looks pretty dumb. But don’t do that, man! Some things appeared on the pages of our magazine, but it is worth noting that the authors we have many, so this article is another my IMHO. Like this article, for example. What things we should be ashamed, instead of flaunting it?

1. Trying to be a «good guy»

The good guys lose. It is an axiom. I know one friend who has made location of girl understanding, respect and other Goodies. Sympathy, watching Twilight, ostentatious understanding and feminism he received at the girls who jumped into his bed, despite the fact that the beauty he has never shone. But it turns out it’s units, and in the eyes of some friends a man looks outright traitor.

There’s nothing wrong with being a genuinely good person. Bad build women to the rank of goddesses, because they do not appreciate ever. Goddesses with mortals, you see, lived, high with earthly men. Therefore, you have no chance, except the worship and sacrifice. And you don’t want, right?

2. Not to do household chores

There is nothing wrong with that, you wash the dishes or even the floor. Nobody will cut off your balls, no one will say that you are under the thumb of his wife. Simply, you divide the homework into two parts. Most of the traditionally male tasks like build a house, to make furniture or to teach my son to hunt wild boar with spears a long time ago has faded into the background or disappeared completely superfluous, but the woman remained. They still added job that the woman is too tired. As a result, girls at least two jobs: one at home, one in the office. You come home after work and start to relax, and she begins a second shift. Maybe to help her, the hell? At least do the dishes.

But I just note that if a girl does not work and with children not sitting, to help her I do not see sense: let benefits of homework, it is not so difficult, who would not say that. Only troublesome.

3. To make idols of athletes, and sports — the cult

There is nothing worse than a person that is not familiar with the sport, but «engaged» them on the sofa with a bottle of beer. So funny to hear their reasoning on the form and skills of the athletes, to see their bloated bellies and flabby arms. There are dudes Schumacher that really kind of geniuses, and there are just guys who do their job well, because quite a long time doing it. Why don’t you do it? Why are you so funny and genuinely admire those who can, because for a long time this was done? Because you do not have enough willpower, skill, and interest eggs? They are not supermen, they’re just the ones who could not cast, it’s not so amazing skill, it’s just you jerks! I was recently in the competitions in weightlifting and powerlifting, which was held right on the square in my town. There were a lot of people who wondered how these guys can do so much to carry, the members of the AUDIENCE CAN’T! And personally, I could push as much as we thought some of the guys, and I was interested to see the technique and skill of dudes from different cities. Many people are scared seen in Amateur athletes only what they themselves can’t do. But it is not so difficult, you just need to… not to quit.

«I screwed up. I really want to have access to your vagina! Can I still hang out in it, please? Dip some more my dick in you?

4. To be a hipster

Good article about hippies and hipsters have been unjustly forgotten, though I tried. Don’t just look like a hipster, but frankly count myself among them — what is to be ashamed of. Assume that you are independent, intelligent, tolerant person, because you read certain books, listen to certain music and stuff like that, shame on you! Like large? Use! Like skinny jeans? Noses. I want a beard, twisted in a special wax? God be with you, nosy! But don’t think that makes you better than me and the people around.

5. Bring her flowers when you screwed up

It is as if he said to the girl: «I screwed up. I really want to have access to your vagina! Can I still hang out in it, please? Dip some more my dick in you?» Sorry! Just stupid sorry. Have not taken? Well, it nafig.

6. To be able a lot to drink

Seriously, the ability too much to drink — not something you can be proud of. Most often, this amazing skill is acquired with time and is called tolerance to alcohol, which povyshaetsya with each new degree of alcoholism. It’s the same thing that be proud that you’re an alcoholic. For many dudes to drink six liters of beer on the snout and not fall unconscious face appetizer is thus itself an indicator of high courage. Only it is not so! The ability to fill in the throat a little more poison than the other guys, is not a reason for pride. Then you have the biggest Tits you can be proud of them.

7. To think that video games is a stupid hobby

Dude, you have a more serious hobby than this? Why watch movies and read books is fine, but playing with toys is ashamed? Once the adherents of a healthy lifestyle say that there are so many wonderful Hobbies, such as bike. Why waste your life sitting in front of a computer? In fact, modern games in terms of storytelling are no different from movies and books. There are mediocre movies, there are bad movies, there are bad and there are good and brilliant. There are films with a bad plot, there’s a good story without any plot. So it is with games. There is action, there is an art film, a philosophical, there is an interesting with a good idea, visually beautiful, is for adults and there are for shkoloty. I don’t believe that games can be something worse movies, I think there’s a game about «nothing», as there are movies «about nothing». Interest as interest.

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