The second philosophy the importance of being earnest

manygoodtips.com_4.12.2013_2pFq2QSyDz6AXWhile my parents still hope that one day their son will become a serious person, I sincerely wish that never happened. I think now we will focus on how to keep the child? It is written already very much. Today is the turn of another, no less important problem.

When I write the lyrics and come up with titles, I was always tormented by the question: to understand whether the readers of my allusions? For example, in the text about the signs of a prostitute I used the allusion to «Songs of innocence and experience» Blake, and the comments I was advised to read more — like, allusion not cut off. (By the way, let my doubt, dear reader, and if you’ve read Blake, please note in comments.) So this time I’d rather miss it and just explain what the caption meant to hint to us on the play by Oscar Wilde, «the importance of being earnest», in which no mention of the serious people, but a lot of ridicule bigotry.

After the disclaimer, you can deal with the problem. The problem is, and it’s a big one: our generation does not wish to be a serious and, moreover, considers the seriousness of a throwback, an anachronism worthy of derision.

Real talk no one is, and if they are, it feels awkward. The rejection of these conversations is much better than unsuccessful attempts to be serious and discuss important items. When starting a conversation about serious issues, personally, I feel dumb (can you advise me to read more). It is not that I’m stupid, and not that I have no opinion. It is, but I don’t see the point and have no desire to discuss it.

Burdened me talk about the movie, because all the responses (including mine) seem to me to be unforgivable secondary, hackneyed and sucked. Burdened me talk about literature, of which I already five years meditated at the University. Why burden? Because I understand, from what points of view should be considered work and what factors to consider when making an opinion about him, and the priceless original point of view like «Why Raskolnikov killed the grandmother, you’d better go earn as all students are» permanently destroy my faith in humanity and in the fact that he has any future at all. Don’t think, man, I don’t want to show off and to pretend better than others. Sure, my thoughts about labor laws or the cultivation of wheat would cause a specialist the same sadness and surprise. Conversations about art — a separate issue: the original thought about the worthlessness of the «Black square» of Malevich and that «I can draw a picture of Marc Chagall», beat off all desire to interact with the world on a deeper level than «next Stop, please» and «please, give me the baton for twenty rubles.» However, thoughts about the value of constructivism and expressionism delight no more. Why? So why the hell discuss what does not require discussion? Does anyone can believe that his precious idea is able to open humanity’s eyes to estimated once and forever the fact of culture?

And I am not alone. More and more people flatly refused to discuss serious issues, and there is no reason for this reproach. The banality of any announced judgment is only one side of the coin. The other deeply hidden fear of being vulnerable and funny.

It is difficult to say where it came from. Can blame a range of factors — from mass culture with its flashy light attitude to life a good old-fashioned conformism with his lack of desire to attract undue attention. Your contribution certainly made the ethics of communication on the Internet, or rather its absence. We the lion’s share of the time is spent on surfing the web and had seen how mercilessly trolls the unfortunate lovers to be serious, increasing laughter, their thoughts and values. In the past this behavior, of course, sparked furious fag — of course, to the delight of honest people. What did we learn? Firstly, you can laugh at anything. Second, to raise a laugh is better than to be ridiculed. Thirdly, it is impossible to show the public their ideas, because in our day they are equated with weakness (unless, of course, we are talking about a debatable issue, not on how many will be twice two). Fourth, you can make fun of absolutely any thought and even two diametrically opposite views on the same question, and so, probably, the crown of evolution and something we should all strive not to have an opinion on any of serious issues.

We are a modern high — wire, teetering on the brink of the grave seriousness and Homeric laughter, we are masters of jokes with a serious face and promulgation of the mysteries through the laughter

Maybe the fact that we have forgotten how to engage in serious conversations and when you try to discuss something «no nonsense» go to miserable extremes: ardent dispute, monotonous moralizing, teaching (only from the mouth of someone it sounded convincing, the Vladimir Monomakh, and he died almost nine hundred years ago and modern teachings look even more ridiculous). Heated debates are good for a sixteen year old, let him seek the truth and try to change the world. In this way they look organic, you can not say about twenty year old men. To read morality for us is not worth that of morality, when you still life and really have not seen? You can’t teach people and to tell them what to do and what not to do — even if you for some unknown reason, it seems like you know better. Are you serious?

The most masterly of us have mastered the art of cotton with one hand disguise their own relationship to Express, and this skill is enough for them to not survive in the mind and still participate in conversations, and not to sit with the face of a hater somewhere far away from where people rent the air. We are a modern high — wire, teetering on the brink of the grave seriousness and Homeric laughter, we are masters of jokes with a serious face and promulgation of the mysteries through the laughter. When we hadn’t opened her mouth all around and I want to ask: «are You serious?» «Are you being sarcastic?» «You really think so?» Questions are useless. No one will ever get them clear and unambiguous answer. Uttered with a straight face, «I’m serious» with a smile «I’m joking» no one get rid of doubt, and companion until the end and do not understand what you wanted to say. Great! That’s what we wanted.

I know that in this text the worst? Not a controversial concept, not subjectivity. The full seriousness of the one who wrote it. I really think so and I don’t regret a single written word. I seriously, and that means I’m without armor on the battlefield. I’m helpless. Perhaps for the first time.

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