The scientific answers are not the easy questions. Part II

Part 1

The sequel of the article of the Russian Academy of Sciences. This time touch on not just a male problem, but women. It is necessary to know the causes of physiological nuances of a fine half.

Why does dandruff occur?

People love to point the finger at the white flakes with dermis in your hair and on your shoulders. Stress, diet, frequent hair washing, insufficient washing hair causes dandruff is more than enough, but more often they are not causes, but the fact that enhances the «snowfall».

Many people know what dandruff actually is caused by a fungus that lives on the scalp. This fungus, known as Malassezia Globosa, similar to yeast and it lives on the scalp that is sebum, which abounds in your hairy head. If the quantity of fungi does not exceed 30-50%, dandruff will not. However, in appropriate conditions, microorganisms begin to multiply rapidly, feeding on sebum.

Fungi use enzymes to feed on the sebum, and this process leads to the appearance of a substance called oleic acid, to which some people are very sensitive. In the result of a fungal infection develops increased cornification of epidermal cells, skin cells grow and divide irregularly, without having to go through the whole cycle of exfoliation and slips between them. Dead skin particles are mixed with fats, and this stuff just forms a very lovely scales, what there is dandruff on the head. But it is much better psoriasis.

What is morning wood?

You also interested to read about the frame for your «morning tent», isn’t it?

It is believed that this method of protecting the body from the morning «wet» surprise. They say that an erection blocks the ability to urinate, even when the desire exceeds all possible expectations.

However, this is not a complete answer. According to one study conducted by the society of endocrinology, morning wood could be equivalent to manual stimulation. Usually during the day, your brain keeps «the kid» under control. However, we should digress and say that there are two phases of sleep: slow and fast. The slow-wave sleep is accompanied by weakening of the body. REM sleep triggers a health check of each organ and system, adjusting their activities as necessary. It is in a rapid phase of a sleeping person can move the eyes, twitch of the upper or lower limb may become more frequent breathing and there comes an erection. If awakening occurs in the middle of this phase, men in the morning, discover the bulge.

This usually happens several times during the night. Combine that with the fact that the majority of people wakes up with an insatiable desire to urinate. Well, let’s not forget all sorts of rosy dreams with women, and actions to be ashamed of. Psychology, so far without her.

If you pull hair from moles will develop cancer?

People are often afraid of moles, and it’s completely normal to fear things that can suddenly kill you for no reason. Actually, therefore, there is a fear of pulling hair from moles. The legend says that under the mole lives an evil dragon that is very annoyed when he steals their treasure hair. Then he gets angry and turns into a cancer.

Fortunately, this is not true. Most doctors will say that you can do with your birthmark almost anything they want: to kidnap her, to shave, to unite all moles on the body at a reasonable rodinnou monster, connect the dots tattoos – they are unlikely to transformirovalsya in melanoma. But only if she is healthy.

When we talked about the fact that this is not true, we forgot to add «not always». If the mole is unhealthy, continues to grow and you also have curves hands, it is better not to touch her. Any mechanical impact on unhealthy birthmark may cause bleeding and severe inflammation (remember that all our skin is covered with a network of capillaries).

Verdict: better not to touch. Suddenly you picks open, and then without complications is not enough.

Why do nipples darken?

Let’s talk about the titties, but not from the perspective in which they so love to discuss.

For a long time it was believed that the dark color was supposed to help the baby find the milk, pour it in the chest but this theory was broken by several facts, chief of which was that the child’s vision is so disgusting that newborns are unable to see the nipple at a distance of several inches from their nose. In fact, animals and children who are bottle-fed, calmly find the source of milk. And finally, dark nipples after pregnancy.

In any case, the reason for the change in color of nipples and areola blurred hormones. In puberty the flow of estrogen and testosterone cause the body to produce more melanin (pigment that gives you everything from hair color, ending with the freckles). Ultimately he is responsible for the fact that during puberty your patron and her labia become darker. And he’s responsible for the fact that many blond children are brunettes. Remember, melanin, and not the neighbor!

In fact, all lowland and much easier. Darkening of the skin is a clear signal that the person has reached sexual maturity and able to have lots of sex and babies. In fact, this is why we, from the point of view of evolution, and live.

Although not in a hurry, sometimes it’s a symptom of diseases of the breast, sometimes age, and sometimes genetic trait.

Why do women have orgasms inkjet?

Interesting fact: Female ejaculation is forbidden to show in all of British porn.

No, nobody encroaches on the sincerity of female pleasure, it’s all about how they fly. From the urethra, where urine flows and. Apparently, British porn actors Union is very concerned about the psychological state of their children.

By the way, in British pornography and other water sports,» simply put, it is impossible to write to each other and to be content with urine. Just another interesting fact. Squirt also belong to this category, but in vain, and now you know why.

Now let’s talk about what MC Pharaon sang an epic ballad about the human vices «Squirt champagne in his face.» On this subject there is much debate, and no one knows exactly why some women release a fluid flow in the moment of climax, so that the most courageous scientists have taken the responsibility to explore the main mystery, as he said Nikita Borisovich Dzhigurda, «sacred temple of love, a prisoner in her!»

Women were asked to provide a urine sample and then completely emptied their bladders before orgasm. These are fun studies! Long live science! A pelvic scan confirmed that the bladder was indeed empty at the beginning of the experiment, without hypocrisy and justification.

The second scan was carried out before orgasm (because British scientists love to scan female pelvis; excites them, he that is called, «in the cut»), and – a miracle! the bladder was again full. After Squirting the liquid is again carefully collected, and the basin with a British tradition have been scanned. As you guessed, the bladder was again content.

So here’s the thing: the liquid emitted from the urethra of women during orgasm is not urine, and extract specific glands, called squirt, which open partly into the urethra, and partly near its external opening. Indeed, it is the male equivalent of ectoplasm, called ejaculate. A whitish liquid, more viscous than urine, has no smell. So could you be less afraid of this liquid. It’s still a goo of love.

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