The scientific answers are not the easy questions. Part I

The Internet is a godsend for the shy of us. For example, here you can find all the answers to most unexpected questions about my body, because to ask the doctor, embarrassing to watch Malyshev does not always work, but the yearning to learn so much.

So let’s look into the depths of the body and will try to answer the unfair questions.

Why after coffee I go to the toilet?

Most likely, upon reading this subtitle, readers split into two camps: some understanding of nodded their heads, while others wondered: «WTF?»

Well, Yes, many a morning coffee shakes not only the last remnants of sleep, but the last remnants of the gut contents. According to numerous studies, an average of about one third of the respondents of coffee is associated with a morning drink, after which one way to get to the toilet.

Scientists suggest that one or more components of the drink cause in your body the secretion of certain hormones such as motilin, which stimulates the contraction of the intestine, or gastrin which causes acid secretion in the stomach. Hence the urge to go to the toilet.

Except that coffee is causing almost the same reduction in the intestines as food. Besides, in the morning the rectum is much more active than in the evening. If you’re sick and tired of the morning session on the toilet, after which you are infinitely late, it is better to wait two hours until the colon will stop doing «bench-press» and calm down.

Why not keep dressing urges?

At least it is extremely uncomfortable. Shaky legs and twitching nobody gave a charm. But as you understand, the essence is not even that.

Hurry to confirm your worst nightmares: the bladder can burst. If it is very crowded, it may explode from an external impact blow or sudden movements with tension in the press. The most common cause of bladder damage – traffic accident, fall from height or fall of heavy objects on the lower part of the abdomen of the person. In this case, the probability of death.

History knows one such case of death from restraint. There was a famous Danish astronomer and snapper Tycho Brahe. Came to the world of science at a Royal feast in the middle of the Banquet suddenly want to pee. However, following court etiquette, could not get out from behind the Royal table during the feast and died at the age of 51 from a ruptured bladder. The break occurred not at the event. After Quietly arrived home, it turned out that if he can urinate, only a little and feeling a terrible pain.

However, this is not the worst thing in the urinary restraint. If too long patience does not fully emptying the bladder, and urine can contain infections which you have more than it might seem. If it is regularly to stagnate there is a risk of inflammatory diseases with constant itching and pain in the area of the back. And now the worst. When urine stagnates, uric acid can corrode the walls of the bladder. So write on health, don’t hold back so often. But to run to the toilet in the faint urge is not worth it.

Why not all sweat smells bad?

Why do some people leave the room wet as after a shower, and smelled like socks worn at a forty-degree heat for a week?

All because you have two different kinds of sweat glands: eccrine and apocrine. Eccrine sweat consists mainly of water mixed with some electrolytes such as potassium and sodium, and little fat. This type of sweat – kind of cooling system of the body. When you’re lying under a warm feather bed or out of a stuffy room, you shed it.

But the apocrine sweat… But that’s another story. Apocrine sweat glands are located wherever hair grows on your body. These glands secrete a mixture of sweat and sebum, complete proteins, lipids and steroids. This secretion, in General, also not much smell, but, unfortunately, your furry the skin is inhabited by bacteria. It was the contact with these bacteria produces the familiar scent.

What genetics and environment affect your pahuchest. Ideally, regular washing should be saved from this scourge. Delicious oily mixture of dead skin, hair, sweat and grease has its consequences.

Why the smell of your own farts is not as bad as someone else’s?

Oh, don’t pretend that you’re not trying to sniff out fragrant trail, while no one sees.

And it’s not that your farts tastier, more aromatic and richer. All has to do with how your body perceives the threat, including bacterial. Aversion to the other «gases» is a kind of first line of defense, because the stench carries biological hazards: bacteria that cause tonsillitis, the remains of digestion. Now, of course, the risk of getting sick from someone’s gas greatly reduced, after all with the environment easier, and every second inhabitant of the earth is not crawling with diseases like vial of the secret laboratories. But the reaction of the left.

And its not smell because these bacteria are native, they are part of you. The bacteria in your gut are unique to you and produce a branded, unique aroma, like a personal perfume. For your body these odors home, and there is nothing stranger even your smell, they have the same enzymes that within yourself, and nothing terrible you will not get sick. Also the smell of your own sweat doesn’t strike you as disgusting, whereas the surrounding not think so.

Here is the answer to the question that haunted millions peninah sommelier. What to do with that knowledge is up to you.

Why some the beard grows better than the other?

Despite the fact that last spring the world was stunned by the news that the beard is no longer in Vogue, for millions of «followers of the hairy chins,» she remains a symbol of courage. This is one of the millions of men who can’t grow a decent crop of fur on the face.

The growth of the beard begins in adolescence and ends in average after 25 years (each different), so, my young friend, you still have hope. And the reason shaggy face is the level of testosterone which rapidly increases at puberty, making a barely noticeable fuzz more powerful and darker.

However, despite the fact that testosterone causes your facial hair to curl like a hop in June, it can play a cruel joke with you. For example, an excess can lead to male pattern baldness. As they say, «the Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away».

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