The science of infidelity: 8 facts that might surprise you

manygoodtips.com_28.05.2014_m3K0lkbTNijrBWhile infidelity become overgrown with legends and myths, people continue to change, causing each other more pain than he could imagine. Whatever you took to change sex or even a simple kiss is cheating remains cheating.

We have gathered the facts about infidelity that you probably didn’t know — and it would be helpful. Knowledge make our life.

1. Wrong people love rock-n-roll

Sex and music go hand in hand. Studies have shown that 41% of people who cheat on their partners, I love rock music. In the hit parade of traitors followed pop (16%), country (11%), classical (7%) and rap and hip-hop, whose share accounts for only 2%. Who would have thought, because none of the hip hop clip is not without beauties with curvaceous!

2. When a woman cheats, it’s dangerous

Common stereotype: in the matter of her husband’s infidelity allegedly overtook a moral and faithful women. No, women also change, though with a big difference. If the lady went to the betrayal, so it lacks something in the emotional, not the physical plane. Emotional involvement, or rather lack thereof, is the first step to the destruction of the relationship. Though there is still a chance that the physical aspect will save a few.

3. Cheaters are happy in their relationship

Cheating does not always mean that the person feels bad in a pair. Of course, everyone has a story, but in most cases, the cheated on partner man is happy with him and doesn’t want to leave. According to the University of Rutger, 56% of men, walked to the left, were happy with their wives, while 34% of unfaithful women were also satisfied with their relationships. People cheat just because they can.

4. Cheating increases sexual desire

Once a person finds someone who will give new impetus to his sexual attraction (before it was in hibernation for months or years), it begins to show including with regular partners. If your friend has suddenly become insatiable, there is a possibility that you don’t know something.

5. Women are more likely to cheat during ovulation

Most women are attracted to foreign men when they are in the phase of fertility. This is the day of ovulation and a few days before him. Women feel sexier when their body is ready to conceive a child. Evolution, damn girl!

6. Men cheat to save a marriage

Sounds like a mockery, but the way it is. Men who love their wives, I think that cheating can save their marriage. Perhaps it is too complex and contradictory concept, but their brain believes that if they have everything, they have nothing more to wish for. The wolves are fed and the sheep intact.

7. People cheat with someone you know well

Thinking about cheating is always unpleasant. This idea slightly smoothes the representation treason as an accident, a one-night stand. However, the people going to the affair, choose a partner from your immediate environment. The majority of infidelity occurs with colleagues, and in General, 85% of cheating have on colleagues, friends and neighbors.

8. Cheaters want to be caught

Just think about guilt, pursues the wrong man from day to day! The mystery, the secret, the constant lies — all this complicates their lives. If to the above be added the fear of being caught, life is turning into a hell. Because change partner people subconsciously want to be caught. It is for this reason known textbook stories about lipstick on the collar and an e-mail that the person has forgotten to close, and thus discovered her secret. Someone wants to be caught because he can’t stop.

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