The same wedding, only cheaper and easier

manygoodtips.com_14.10.2014_tbFj0BMMGjyq3Lush and beautiful wedding is every girl’s dream, but for you to such an event — an occasion for pride. You’re not in the cave rose, and certainly know that such an event will take you much effort, time and money. There are several options that will help save more resources. About them we will tell.

When you propose to her, you very strongly believe that it will be once and for life, your friend also has great expectations. That is why you are ready to give all the money to give what you collected for the down payment for the mortgage, and even take out loans and all this in order to have not just suitable, but more than a decent wedding.

You will not regret neither forces, nor money, but will make sure that this day will be remembered not only by you for years to come. What we will offer, will not relieve you half duties, but nevertheless it will help save some energy and money.

1. The time and place

Even if you do not know, your friend knows that the most popular seasons for weddings is summer. So try to choose a different time for such romantic events. What’s wrong autumn? Like all women love to take pictures on the background of red leaves, it means something this time of year it is noteworthy? Especially if you can find a suitable secluded spot, wedding you will get very warm.

Except for the time of year, the days of the week, which is in favor of the couple, usually it’s the weekend. So you can choose weekday. So, maybe it is not convenient for all. But those people who value the friendship with you and is still your friend, sure they can get to work and find free day, which will hold your wedding.

In less popular time, you will easily be able to find a free place where you can celebrate the celebration and you will definitely save money, because on a summer weekend without reserve wind the prices.

2. Where to celebrate

If you are with a friend it is extremely important to get married in the warm season, that is another great way to save money. Why not celebrate it in the fresh air? In addition, in recent years is very fashionable. More advanced couples try to move away from the traditional celebration in the dining rooms or restaurants.

There are lots of places to be filled up with all your guests. For example, a beautiful Park or meadow lake. The main thing that was where to sit, what to put kebabs and cakes and where, if anything, to shelter from the rain.

3. Kill two birds with one stone

A great way to save time and money – to celebrate the wedding in the same place where was held the wedding ceremony. This means that you will not need to go anywhere and to pay the rent of another room. Again, ideally, outdoors. You can order outbound Registrar, and will not need to transport guests from one part of town to another.

It is very convenient only if you’re serious be prepared and hire the people who organise all this action. You have to be sure that the staff is really trained and prepared for this environment. You’re not going myself along with the bride to carry bread for the guests, you and your worries will be complete.

4. Organizational issues

Preparing for a wedding is the one small period in your life, when the time to get acquainted with a large number of «needed» people to celebrate. Therefore, we suggest to zaregat new email address that you left for communication, florists, stylists, makeup artists, confectioners, and others. Well, or a new phone number: you can find my old SIM card, which have not been used. This is supposed to somehow sort through your contacts.

Your family and friends will want to know any details and will constantly call you or write. For this you need to create a new form of communication, that you are not confused in the business and wedding calls. If you find some time, you can even make a ginormous site that will download any thematic content:

— the map on which is marked the wedding venue;

— a counter that will indicate how many hours are left until the celebration;

— dress form, if you have a themed wedding and more.

5. Dress

You have no idea how many now are dresses! The money can easily buy a good used car or new furniture in the living room. Still is wedding dresses you can take yourself and the bride a trip into some exotic country, in short, a lot of things you can do with the money. So think twice before you fork out so much dough.

Of course, your friend wants to be the most beautiful bride, but it’s not mutually exclusive points. Alternatively, it is possible to alter the old. Again, it is fashionable to wear to the wedding dress that married the mother of the bride or groom. If these outfits there are, why don’t you upgrade them. I think your friend will like this idea, and the older generation will appreciate.

You can still hire a good tailor, which will realize your dreams girl, you will still be able to save. In any case, the dress will be unique and every girl is apparently dreaming about it.

6. Flowers

If you don’t know colors, and you have basically no sense of style, then you can, at least, to refer the proposal to the girlfriend, maybe for her it is more important. Typically wedding tables are decorated with a lot of colors: to do this, hire professional florists, who for a large sum of money to decorate the ceremony space, which will be a holiday.

If your friend likes to Tinker with colors, and you or her friends don’t mind helping, you can make your wedding beautiful. It is not so difficult as you think. Your girlfriend can go for a short floral courses, where she quickly learned the basics. Find the appropriate online store, which will choose and deliver you the most fresh flowers. With the rest you will do yourself and save money for their honeymoon.

All these tips will not solve your problems. You really need to do a lot in preparation time. But if you real feelings, and do you want a wedding that you both don’t even feel the load and it will take you just a joy. So don’t worry, and if there are problems or questions, feel free to contact us, we will try to help with advice.

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