The same river twice: how to have sex with your ex?

manygoodtips.com_18.02.2014_o3DOFtxnZLoBSOnce you’ve put her to bed — and made more than once. Those days are gone — long ago or recently and now sex with her almost guaranteed you’re gonna catch a drama. Or not?

In theory, the sex with the ex is cool: you know what she likes and she knows what you like, but the opinion about what a bad idea that pleases you more. So cool! Actually not so: the vast majority of cases, the sex with the ex turns into a disaster for both of you. Someone wants someone to return, scandals, calls — it starts with the same flour, and after the divorce. However, when there is a possibility, you don’t think — you just do, forgetting about the consequences. I know what you mean, man. And I’ll give you some tips.

1. Not catty to her seriously

There is a big difference between sex with your ex after a chance meeting in a bar and attempts to hit on her with free tickets in three hours of the night: «can’t sleep? Want to hang out?» The second option is likely to lead to the fact that she once again will you wash up all the bones with friends during the next meeting. However, if it really happened and you guys are going home to someone of you all to be honest. Why? Because it all happened by chance.

2. Perversely

Dig in the bins of his memory and pulled out all the tried and tested movements, which she liked. If there is something that you have always wanted to try, but it never came, now is the time! In theory, all this should be no consequences, so no reason to be shy. Forward to the adventure! What if she doesn’t want to dress in the costume of Winnie the Pooh, and drip a candle on your genitals? Just think, she’s not your friend.

3. Do not be overwhelmed by memories

This point is obvious: do not need anyone to remind you. Even if after the deed was done, I’d love to stretch out on cushions and take a trip down your memory (the essence so disgusting how jaded this expression), keep. It is not necessary. If you want to fill the pauses, to limit chatter about the fact that you’re newly engaged, then reached, if not reached. You don’t want her to think you’re trying to get her back.

4. The status quo

If you have not lost contact before sex, just keep talking to her. If you do not communicate, do not continue to communicate. Any deviation from the norm will make her wonder why you had to change the strategy. And don’t sleep with her again. Yeah, it was cool, but it’s cool more than once. If you don’t want drama, remember to avoid them is obtained only after one time. Will start sleeping with her on a regular basis — consider, lost.

5. Don’t be afraid to refuse

Let’s say you still to her, feeling something (or Vice versa). Know what to do in this case? Not to have sex. Even if it’s already in you and says that there is no underwear. So you open have not had time to heal the wounds, and then you will again have to painfully break up. It’s not worth it. specialists former. We can tell you:

Why is the former you seems impeccable.

How to get back ex.

Why do I need to remove the former from friends.

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