The sacred commandments of the runner

the commandments of the runnerExperience is the best teacher. When the morning stops being a challenge and becomes a habit, many things become obvious. Whatever your goal: lose weight, shape up, develop the breath, to keep in shape heart — you have to follow simple rules.

1. Live your body. Do not neglect your carbs and enjoy them, because without them metabolism.

2. Do not place yourself layouts, which you will not be able to comply with because it does not stimulate progress and sabotaging it.

3. Stopping, you come to the edge of the track or even stay on it, so nobody crashed.

4. Do not try to beat other people’s records.

5. Answer greetings, nods and other signs of attention from other athletes, because you see each other every day and this is the norm of politeness.

6. In the dark time of day (early morning and late evening) run prudently, because it is difficult to see the bumps, puddles, pedestrians, and sometimes even cars.

7. In the name of God buy yourself some good sneakers, not rushing the most popular model.

8. Remember the day of rest and not break it. It is beautiful and just needed you as Jogging.

9. Not wozani himself a hero and don’t run through the pain and injury.

10. Don’t forget to drink, otherwise the body will betray you at the crucial moment.

11. Love your co-runner and spare it. Don’t speed up without warning.

12. Run towards the traffic, because otherwise you will disappear.

13. Don’t try to outrun a running ahead or speed up to keep you out ahead of running back, because the ambition of this kind is inappropriate here.

14. Not ran the road without looking in both directions at once.

15. Responsibly engage in other physical activities: Biking, Hiking, do it on the ellipse: it will help to develop nabugoye muscles and relieve the burden from overworked muscles.

16. Overtaking someone, gently ogiba it right or left — do not expect you will give way, because humility is the essence of virtue, and other goggerle owe you nothing.

17. Just because you run doesn’t mean you’re an elitist asshole, because you’re just Jagger is just another social role that doesn’t make you better than others.

18. Share your knowledge with budding runners, because this wisdom needs to be passed from mouth to mouth.

19. To increase the distance, but gradually, because muscle pain is not your goal.

20. You have to enjoy it. If running knocks you grief, pick a new route, look for a friend or do some other sports.

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