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Good day, dear!

I learned about this journal, after I went to the profile of the Creator of the project on instagram, which, I don’t know how «liked» a photo of me running away from the waves in Brighton with only the hashtag #filmmaking

After reading a magazine without ceasing. And decided to share with you what I am eating.

«Man is a wolf» – an expression which, in my opinion, best describes the interpersonal relationships of citizens with each other.

Question to you, gentlemen, publishers, readers, dugdugi! – I want at least some unity with you feel:) – we can change it?

More specifically, I do this:

I’m 24, at Albion – since 2008, and during that time noticed this kind of feature: I don’t like Rosiyantsy each other. Look even banal student community. KazSociety is a community of students from Kazakhstan in England. The organization of these guys at such a height that it is safe to say that there is no Kazakh who would be there were not. They often arrange well splanirovannaya and interesting events that, unlike the Russian community, not just an excuse to get drunk together.

Despite the numerical advantage of the diversity in the events is not like this (club, bar), are held very rarely, and attendance can not boast.

Adult Russian immigration? So you can find them in a Russian restaurant in London, a couple of points and in the Church, where, by the way, to my surprise, all more or less know each other and communicate with each other.

The Russian Diaspora in England? It is bounded by a group of gentlemen who buy at auctions all kinds of Faberge.

But such is very far from, say, the level of Ukrainian in Canada.

Then I for a particular commodity, in the style of a favorite subject – samorazvitie, education, etc., etc. – and also to learn the spirit of unity, got contacts with the Freemasons – so with those that I love in all sorts of conspiracies to accuse us, and everywhere.

Interestingly, it’s not so secret organization to date, in addition to uncountable number of the Lodge, their Headquarters is in Central London 100 years and the building is so solid Buckingham of dordtse.

You can also go on a tour, and, as found later, they are officially the second largest charitable Foundation in the United Kingdom.

And each Lodge annually, or more collects funds to realize certain charitable projects, not to mention self-development through their various rituals, as well as mutual assistance to each other. In General, the British love is in different communities, groups, and hobby groups, membership clubs. And if there is present some idea or tainstvennosti, they may life to be there.

What I see in Russia: such unity I notice or sects, in which got my friends, and the consequences for them were not the most pleasant, or training Ala «we will make you business sharks, but first pay for the year.»

So in the ROC, which it seemed, must be a priori a place of unity not only with God but also with each other,»..», run the place to put a candle, to atone for sins – and off, like a tick on the calendar.

Tell me this is what I see? Or is this our reality? Do we have similar organizations Masson? Anyway, what are communities in our country? Maybe drugguide it’s time to start your own?

Perhaps the answer

«Or is this our reality,» says the man, who is already 7 years living in Europe. How nice, what abroad do you worry about Russ in between running away from the waves in Brighton and teaching the term «reporting» about this important to all of us (as a new soup with the taste of wool) event in Instagram.

Provoked the author to the chaotic eruption of his own thoughts, the devil! Why messy? Because emotions bursting. I was already shaking!

Really interesting topic, thanks for the question because there are so many undercurrents, so many contradictions, so much unpleasant truth, reproof and disagreement, I’m talking about the first part concerning the relationship with each other. I feel, is a mess! Because so many people, so many opinions, and all feeling the Lions Gumilevym, by Vladimir Posner, will be to convince the author that he is garbage bears, never was and he is probably a Pakistani who lives in Madagascar. But it is not so.

A lot of text, because the issue is much more serious than the discussion of vaginal talents popular porn actress. And the issue is such that the joke is more expensive.

So, to your question. You need to go down a little lower to simple people who are not masons will be in Russian and the restaurant itself is not particularly can afford to go, then you will understand what’s what. Because in Russia for centuries was not of the middle class. Was either poor, or rich. And even in exile they remain so.

But in General you’re right. Yes, it is a feature of the Russian people. It’s my firm belief, confirmed by facts and experience of many people, the Russian people is not necessary, that all was well, it is necessary that the other was not better than him. That is why we have a wolf society. I hope you have adequate, but not broadside view of Russia and visit there often. I understand you just got yourself a nice European education, because parents wish you the best of life. Of course, we are not Zimbabwe and not some banana Republic, so to enjoy life we can. But the history of this country is that the card system has varied hunger. You know how in «heart of a Dog»:

«Severe years go

The struggle for freedom of the country

Behind them come the others

They too will be difficult».

One «fun» gives way to another; nothing good; now instead of the rapists, others will come here with such thoughts have lived. And between them was short and fat, excessive calm, with sturgeon, ham, maracuja and hazel grouses with pineapples. Try this beauty in the years of stability have failed to do, I’m not talking about the level of the common feast in disturbing years. Then only your favorites. And in order to be elected, you have a lot of little head to cut down, to use people, and in our «democratic» this, the basics of which are «two pillars» of a strong United Russia – corruption and bureaucracy, otherwise it is impossible.

We are taught from childhood that man is a predator and herbivore. And so, like an idiot, not to stand with horns in the middle of the burning steppes and to wait, when ripe, the grass has to grow teeth, rhinoceros skin and go to take what the law would be as it should be, but in fact is not. And to communicate with the government at all times was dangerous. Once received from the Russian guy for the Owner to drive, so was replaced by other hosts. The man did not understand, for better or worse. Therefore taking away from their own kind.

Well in this country live only toothy: they can afford to live, to study abroad, what you may not know. And the relations between them are based on contempt, hatred, and acute sarcasm. To balls in London do not go workers Heathrow or lost among the black population of the cook in the eatery Tottenham. Go there rich people living in two countries, or left for objective reasons (see, we have big business often linked to politics. Why so many Russian language at social events of London). And those who are poorer, tends to assimilate with the local population. In France, a sophisticated tradition of the Russian nobility keep the same descendants of nobility. Among them the descendants of the burghers and craftsmen, only the intelligentsia. That and live. As you know, the nobles are not able to work, all the work was done by some of the arrested. And because in exile they are engaged in public memories of the «Russia that we lost» and selling their own «nobility». Of course, not all. But simple audience ran away from the shit, looking for a NEW life. She just ran AWAY!

Russian poor people would prefer to forget. He soon realizes that here he is in the minority. And for the younger generations (you know this) Western culture has always been an example. In our education was no such thing as Russian culture and patriotism. Well no, its not instilled! All we are proud of: literature, classical music, ballet – all this has long been favored by the entire world. Because we do not have the same ties that would unite. And we’re a big country, a lot of people, the territory even more, because it is not a handful, as the Armenians, anxious to preserve their identity, or Muslims in an alien Western culture unites faith. And the example of such «Aryan» countries like Germany, we see that such enterprises can guarantee the transformation of the indigenous population into a minority. And we by faith do not merge, because it’s all bad.

And when I try to earn honestly, not robbery. Therefore there are strong fraternities in America early last century. I hope you’re still awake. Wait-wait, that’s me on why there is such strong communities abroad. Of course, is communication with former countrymen. But not like the Chinese. But they, unlike us, go in search of gay life in quantities equivalent imported in our country of Chinese goods. Therefore, a smiling yellow face oval found on the streets of Venice or, say, Munich more often.

In the end, in a country where in the recent past, half the population was sitting and the other guarded, cannot be otherwise. We lived and live by the laws of the wolf. Remember today’s fashionable stradalnoy immigrant Dovlatov: «We criticize comrade Stalin, and, of course, for business. And yet I want to ask – who has written four million denunciations?». Not only the fault of Stalin, although to say otherwise (but that’s a separate issue), people blame themselves. Look at our history: we like strong, solid, slightly bloody hand of the king-priest. And it is good that the head cuts, the main thing that all in check kept. In fear – it’s somehow quieter. That’s why we have such a relation to each other. I remind you: «Let others not be better than me,» and from that through the prism of a complex history, a complex relationship.

But in the second paragraph is a bit do not understand the point. Do you mean Hobbies? As in any other country, people come together in community by occupation, and interests. Why else would these communities? The person and so little personal space and free time, but there is also a walk-in closed clubs. In England a melting pot of good human relations is a pub where people drink, talk, play Darts and pool and never socialize outside of the pub: «All that happened in the pub will remain a pub.» And we have «boys drink» not every week can. Because the mentality of our countries are different. After all, in conservative England multiple clubs are a relic of the former great Imperial life. They did not have the overthrow of the monarchy, dictatorial totalitarian regime. Their role has always been one or the other Windsor, Hanover, Tudor and so on. All the traditionalism of society is based on former greatness. What are we to remember? Some shed crocodile tears for the «Russia we have lost», the second with a red flag shouting at the rallies of the «Stalin, whom we have», and still others immigrate. And most of all still.

Our people are born with chronic fatigue. He want to go uninteresting and not necessary. He works hard to feed children with his wife, rent to pay, and after drinking a bottle of beer and relax, as best he can. I still think that the Kazakh party is more fun just because they have a more active organizers and do not stop to use your brains and come up with something new. The Lithuanian party, as far as I know, more boring. But look how Russian people distinctive: what makes these festivals what does best – thumps. By the way, know the great Kazakh Diaspora, who studied in the Czech Republic that their country they love far more than we do. Even there, in exile. To return a few want, but he clenched his teeth, back, as they believe it is their duty. And the percentage of «love for the distant Homeland» makes no sense to say. I know with the old Swiss Russian youth returns only because it is very boring. And even plow it’s bad luck. But it doesn’t matter, prosaic digression. Ostap suffered.

You know that closed communities exist in all countries, but among the elite. There is in Russia. And your friends are also masons. Among them were the candidate in 2008-m to year in the presidents Vladimir Bogdanov, similar to Igor Saruhanov. By the way, we have now accepted all blame America and «Obamku-the Monkey.» The masons with the Jews departed. No longer fashionable to associate the organizers of the Ecumenical kipisha on private territories of small States in connection with those or other. We have corporate community. But this closed society. We are all for their own. Extra not like. Even the drunks in the yard may not accept you into the pack if your face appears to be provocative, unpleasant, and not their own sensitive souls. Even if you come with the «absolute.» Major!

ROC is my main work is done by it regains its power. They can carry on their advocacy work: actively penetrate into the education, power, only do it awkwardly, annoying and boring, so the youth them not to draw. But the old people go, money goes, the influence, too. And the priests like it. And this «gone – put the candle – gone» is the whole essence of religion. See, it is the Catholic religion – a kind of show, colorful initiation with the authority, cherubs and benches. And we have that? Arrived, stayed an hour, listened to the murmuring bloated Church under the dome and left. There is no time. We have boring ceremonies. And in this «candle» tradition is calming, begging, believe, and will not be with me God to grivitsa. Most importantly, come to the Church fete and to touch the relics. Perhaps, a room in Paradise book, and the Apostles turn a blind eye to stealing money from my mother’s purse and criminally negligent homicide. And what is and is not important. ROC understands why he does not insist. I’m telling you, they do, just unhappy (the majority) in the temples danced. Here’s an example of a successful Orthodox – Serbia. Where religion serves as a good spiritual Foundation, because the country 15 years ago was drowning in blood, fighting against the whole world. One. With close neighbors and brotherly peoples with whom they shared only a religion. A religious war was not. And the glory of God.

And yet, we have one powerful community – Muslim. And they have an idea, one of the forces that the ROC is formulated vaguely. And its United Nations, which has not always been happy to be part of Russia and not always voluntarily entered into its composition. On the same principle in a very multinational Russia there are all these fraternities. Let not perceived by the representatives of the republics as an insult in the address, it said separately. The poor, the hungry is always easier to unite under some idea. And we have a relatively all right. Russian language and culture has always been dominant, razvleniy was not, as some people were.

By the way, I forgot: the Cossacks, the cult of maskers, who in the harsh 90s turned into carriers of the honor and dignity of the old state. However, nothing but a smile, they do not cause. This phenomenon is rather regional. However, there are fellows who are shouting: «my grandfather is a Cossack!» – take the whip and patrol groups street. With fear and self-esteem.

And the most important community we have the power and all of these «very interesting youth organizations which would be potentially beneficial. But to use them, as always, you can’t. Ambitions as pioneers, but in fact it is unworthy nor Lenin, nor Beria. It all comes down to the fact that you go out with a flag of «Healthy youth – healthy country» at a rally, where they speak about a magical Utopia, which documents are, but in reality… but in reality – «unforeseen». You know what.

As for us, we can’t create an open community, because some of the Masonic lodges banned outdoor activities, and if our master finds out we hurled some sort of community, the magazine will close and the us too.

The majority of all of the above applies to the older generation. And the youth or goes into pseudo-patriotism that is expressed only a t-shirt with the inscription «I am Russian», or, for example, a pig Peter is committed to go far away from this «Raska», or she doesn’t care. So everything is still, no one will try to be more open to each other, because you will find hundreds of reasons why you can’t do it.

Hopefully, questions answered. Too much politics, but without it it is difficult to sort out all this strange Muti under the mysterious name «Russian soul». Learn the history, read books, listen to the opinions of others and analyze what is heard. Then all will become clear. All the best!

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