The rules of the Viking

manygoodtips.com_5.06.2015_fbkSqYSvXtivtDude, we wanna tell you about the life of a true Viking and why the rules can help you in this dangerous and inhospitable world. Vikings are men who terrorized Western Europe and South too (followers of Odin came to Sicily). They were afraid anyone who heard at least something about them. They were considered almost a God’s punishment for the sins of the people, and their dragonoversnake court – Drakkar – was for many centuries a sign that soon you and your property will be very, very bad. The middle ages is largely down to their age.

1. Be free

The Vikings in the mass were ordinary peasants who knew how to hold the weapon. Do you think they could earn such popularity if they were afraid to leave their homes? Greed and glory prompted them to go in a completely unfamiliar land and to take what belonged to them by right of the strong. Let the dark ages are long gone, but a real man should never be afraid to go with fly places and go there, where he was waiting for his call. And let a Drakkar breaking on the rocks, but the reward is worth it.

2. Respect the freedom near

Unlike their contemporaries, Vikings were quite free family life. When the European monarchies of the time, the woman did not have a right to vote, the Vikings, she was a full member of society, although they could not participate in some activities, such as the court. The Vikings were not given their daughters without their consent, and the children had the opportunity to choose their future as they want it. And although now the twenty-first century, this rule of freedom-loving people for a long time should become the norm, however, and now you can watch the savagery of the people. So respect the freedom of others, dude.

3. Be quick

The main problem of the European rulers of that time was the fact that their troops simply could not keep pace with the rapid and hardy Vikings. Relatively small detachments of the Normans managed to sack several coastal cities and was preparing to sail, when the army of some of the English Kingdom was just beginning to take the campaign. So whether you’re fast: if you get lucky, then hurry up to use it until, as she turns back to you. In short, not dumb.

4. Be witty

The main thing – to achieve the result, man. And if you have a barrier which you are not able to get around in a straight line, always look for alternative ways. And the Vikings, precipitating large cities, used a variety of tactics, often because they had no siege engines.

For example, a well-known tactic when the Vikings threw over the walls the corpses of people to the disease spread to the city and weakened the citizens themselves opened the gates. Another time, the Vikings were able to sneak outside the city walls, playing on the religious feelings of the besieged. The representative told the troops that their leader died along with his retinue, and his last will to be buried according to Christian tradition, as he took in the last moment this new-fangled that time religion. Part of the squad thus penetrated into the tombs outside the city walls, killed the guards, and then opened the gates. Try it and you show such creativity and wit in their business. Possible before to perform complex and tedious task, you should look for workarounds?


5. Be a researcher

To be an Explorer in those days meant to be crazy. Viking, once again embarking on a journey, absolutely no idea where he will eventually sail. So, often he just robbed a North Africa or the shores of France, but a few expeditions have been collected into the unknown. This led to the fact that the courage of the Vikings brought them to the American continent. Leif Erikson, son of Erik the Red, first came to the continent, which was «open» to Columbus in 1492. So, man, among the scholars on this issue full agreement.

What it gives you in our time? Viking teaches you to be the best in the business and a thirst for new knowledge that may not be necessary, but will make you much cooler than other dudes at the same time will sit at home and cuddle up watching Federal television. In other words, if you want to be someone better. And if you want to become the best, study the world and discover new.


6. Settle down when the time comes

Subsequently, many kings founded the entire state that survived the era of the Norman conquest. What can I say, the Rurik was Scandinavian konung, and he was the founder of the Russian statehood. This suggests that we must be able in time to stop and find that edge where you’re going to breathe a full breast. No one likes old party-goers, with rare exceptions. So if you found a place that with full confidence can call home, then you’re a lucky man. But before you have fun, as did the Viking in the old days.

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