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Penis we need girlfriends. Special cases (you seem to understand? what I mean) are not discussed. Who does not like her friends know better how we need to handle it? So we interviewed a few girls and learned how to properly use a penis. Interested?

1. Do not put your penis in anyone, especially when it comes to cheating

Respect your penis, man. He’s a part of you! If you ever hung out with hippies, roleplayers and representatives of other subcultures, you know exactly what you can find girls of easy virtue. No, not prostitutes, and those who are absolutely reliable. Such lovers of freelava can be found anywhere, but most often they can come across in an informal environment. Since I personally have experience with an informal environment (I’m in this environment came to visit), I can with absolute certainty and confidence to say that 80 percent of all readily available girls in this environment, perespevshie with the number of guys (girls), which is frankly embarrassing, scary as hell. I honestly do not understand how IT is possible to stick your precious appendage! Even if you feel bad, so you’re losing your mind from nedobity in their 19-20 years old, my advice to you — Masturbates! It is far better than to put such a skank. I am more than sure that these girls sleep with men only in order to show the world that they desired, although they are just.

But it’s not so bad, these girls are a real source of venereal infection. So just cut off your penis instead, and not nagradi their normal girl by any infection.

2. Do not neglect the hygiene of his penis

In this article about the hygiene of the genitals is very well written. But even in the case of just sex do not neglect the hygiene. The unpleasant smell is not such a big problem, as dirt, which could cause girls of different disease intimate orientation. Pubic hair or cut your, or deleted nafig. The reason is obvious: stuck in them mud, sweat, and urine. In this environment, bacteria can thrive, which is equally bad for you and for your girlfriend.

3. Don’t put your dick in household items

For example, holes of different shapes. How many people then got a Darwin award and many views on YouTube? Most of the girls finds this idea equally disgusting as insertion into the vagina of various items that are not designed for this. However, the good old towel trick, though it seems the girls ugly, but he is much better than to shove a cock in failsafe girls from the first paragraph.

4. Don’t pee anywhere

You sound like you have a urinary infection. Girls absolutely do not understand why peeing anywhere, instead of having to wait. They think it’s gross. And I understand them.

5. Do not put your penis, who wouldn’t want that

If a girl is too drunk to say no, but instead lazily shoves you from yourself, know what you’re doing rape. You didn’t say Yes? So you still can not stick to it, you’re sorry!

6. Don’t let the names of his penis

When some American movie dude calls his penis by any name, I cringe. Why is it necessary? The penis is the same part of the body like hands or feet. It is not necessary to give it such a value! Whenever you want to grandfather Freud was quietly laughing at you, and yearned to call his penis a name, remember what will happen if girls will give the names of their vaginas. Really disgusting? For example, for vagina mine named Barbara Streyzend? Horrible, Yes! For girls it is the same.

7. Not to measure the penis with other men

Aki at school in the locker room, where the line is hanging. You’re an adult, you probably read the article about the size , don’t act like a child hoping to assert themselves. Important for girls, responsibility, ability to emphasize their intentions with action. And this is all childish, and not serious. So here I am with the girls completely agree.

8. It is not necessary to pierce your penis

All sorts badmode type steel balls, piercings and other things bring the girls into a stupor, they genuinely don’t know what to do. Are you sure girls like it when they shove foreign objects stuffed penis? Needless to say that it was a dangerous procedure? Don’t believe? Here’s a story about it!

9. Any attempt to make your member more

Massage according to special techniques, all sorts of creams, dietary Supplements and other erundovina little effect on your process. Girls such manipulation is not clear.

10. Do not confuse your penis and your brain

Hormonal urges your penis needs to stay in school. There was a time when your friend made you watch anime just for the sake of Schoolgirls in it, you are not interested in the story, was not interested in anything else, you just turn off the brain and think penis.

The same thing could happen in a more or less adulthood, when you choose the girl not because of personal sympathy, but because your dick told you, «Hey, why not, think of me, master!» Manage the penis, but avoid make your penis led you, young Padawan!

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