The rules of life that Greek

manygoodtips.com_18.06.2015_4f8Z8EXp2DWumYou probably remember that not so long ago we wrote about the rules of life of the Viking. It seemed to us that the idea of the demeanor of the men who lived before us for hundreds and even thousands of years, very cool. So we offer you the new rules, and this time we will tell you how fared the Greek in ancient times.

Greeks – very cool guys. The basis of all our culture owes much to Greek influence. The Renaissance marked a return to many of the ancient values, which in the middle ages, the era of barbarism and the terrible dogmatism, was not held in high esteem. So what’s different about Greek?

1. Whether culture

Many researchers believe that after the decline of the Greek world and transfer the title role in the Mediterranean culture of Rome, as such, only degraded. This can to some extent agree, art soon calmed down. The Greeks laid the Foundation for many craft and art, they can say, and taught the Romans. Their achievement in science is undeniable. And all because they had accustomed themselves to philosophy and thought, and poetry.

Our city was so far ahead of others in the art of thinking and expressing his thoughts that his disciples become teachers of others, namely the Greek name becomes a symbol not of origin but of culture.

Athenian orator IsocratesOratory, creative thinking, the rule of mind – the distinctive features of ancient Greek.

2. Personality is the most important team

Unlike the Romans, the Greeks were individualists. The inviolability of the person and its supremacy over society have always characterized this nation. But how could it be otherwise, because democracy is their invention. The head of the family and the youngest member of the family was always equivalent to each other, and the rights and freedoms extended to all citizens at the same time.

3. Contemplation is not worse activities

The Greeks divided the science into two types: those that study the eternal and everlasting, and that studying is temporary and transient. The first is based on reason, the second – mainly in feeling. As a consequence, philosophy is the highest of all Sciences because its subject matter is eternal and imperishable, next to it is all theoretical and contemplative activities, and any activity that is associated with the practical side of the issue or receipt of the benefit is lower in rank. And really, if there’s a guy who constantly thinks about eternity, it is likely to be a Hellene. To supply the spiritual needs above material in the modern world seems crazy, but try it sometime and maybe after a while you completely different look at the world.

If happiness lay in bodily pleasures, we would call oxen happy, who was given a bowl of food.


4. Be better than others

The spirit of rivalry, competition has always been a family the heart of any Hellene. The competition took place almost everywhere in the decisions made by the city Assembly, at the Olympic Games, theatrical productions. The mythology of this people, too, imbued with the spirit of competition: the Gods were very human-like and constantly put each other spoke in the wheel. But for a person to be better – it is a good desire. It motivates you to overcome your boundaries. No, dude, not to win it all, and lives to be the cookie is not given, there is only one winner in any business, others will fall by the wayside.

The best people prefer one all: eternal glory temporal things.



5. Develop all sides of his personality

The Greeks were not only great orators, poets and observers, they were also great warriors who attacked the Persians and conquered a vast territory in the East. At one time they were considered the best sailors, but also turned the art of winemaking. Neither side of the life of the ancient world was not alien to them. So you should try to develop different skills that will help you not only in a practical sense, but in the sense of art.


6. Learn to relax

Mystery, all kinds of orgies of Dionysus – all this really was was not only a sacred character, but were simply for fun. Learn to relax and enjoy the wine as Greek. In order to adequately show their identity through the sensuality, you should be able to control your mind in the absence of control.

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