The rules of life Randy Marsh


We love «South Park»? For the unbridled mockery of the American reality, through the prism of a sometimes brutal humor. South Park spares no one, even his characters, even the most charismatic of them. Even Randy Marsh – the most infantile and brilliant of the heroes of the series, over 40. Randy – this is what happens to you if you won’t grow old. Did not seem scared, but don’t forget that it is because Randy is the author’s shop often with a joke on the people who did Mikhail Nikolayevich Zadornov ultrapopular in the 90s.

And we do not care, we love Randy, not because Zadornov was right, and us Americans «be stupefied» and because Randy is doing stupidity, good intentions, and close both adult and young population of the country. And he better jokes Zadornov. Randy Marsh for President!


Never dare to say Randy that he is an alcoholic. He’s not an alcoholic, and a taster. He thumps, he learns and honors the cultural traditions of different peoples.

Going for the record

Life is open for records, and it does not matter what field you’re trying to succeed. Any record he has a record. And if the person who collected the lint from the navel, wrote the Guinness book of records, about the person, put the big pile in the world, and even more.

Do not confuse the real with the fictional

Despite the interest in innovative music, Randy does not confuse life with a game, not be on the newfangled toys. Music is music, don’t confuse it with the Guitar heroes.

Is to do everything for his goal

Which is not to take away from Randy, is that he’s willing to do anything for his goal. Even if I have to get sick on cancer. Well, what else to do, if in your city there is a coveted stall with medicinal marijuana, which is another way not to? Strive for their goal, not sparing health, and you, my friend!

Despite infantilism is an exemplary family man


Despite his fierce infantilism, Randy cares about his son almost better than any other father in the series. He always comes to Stan for help and trying to protect him from the harmful influence of the surrounding world of drugs, casual relationships, kidnappers, and, of course, the sport of cock magic. In the episode «make love, not Warcraft om» Randy agrees to help son overcome the grief, passing Stan «Sword of Thousand Truths», and even accompanies him at the time of death of his hero, despite all his waking idiocy, Randy listens to the son. Well, maybe, except when it is time to «Shmorgeshvayn».

Randy’ve been married to Sharon, which is still considered the «coolest woman» and has two children, and no matter what in the end always comes to one conclusion: family is the most important thing.

Has an infinite set of talents

One of the creators of the series, Trey Parker, has written off the way of the March senior of my own father. So the image is endowed with a mustache, the profession of a geologist, a couple of kids, as well as the name and character of Randy Parker.

Randy is the perfect blend of unspent artistic talents and rare learning. Not only that, he is a Nobel prize winner and researcher of volcanoes, and perfectly plays the guitar, dances, makes the biggest pile of shit on the planet, speaks to the audience fart into the microphone, and most importantly, shows the wonders of «Cock magic». It’s really multi-faceted personality. For the sake of it is not a shame to lock with the drummer in the bathroom, rehearsing the basics of the secret skills.

Save wisely

We need to keep spending to a minimum: water, bread, and margaritas!Any savings must be justified. The creators were just trying to show that people do not know how to save, but we understand that it is much easier to abandon the benefits of civilization than pleasant habits.

Correctly explains

Sometimes the actions of spider-Man to us incomprehensible, but he still loves you!Because you need to believe in their heroes to the end. Spiderman – because he is like Jesus: few people have seen, but believe.

Returns whatever was selected

If you have something taken away, then returns with force, don’t be shy to be yourself and not be ashamed of their dependency, even if for the sake of your happiness will have to break the law. «Japanese women vomiting into each other’s mouths», «Brazilian farting» and «Bestiality» – these queries in Google characterize you as a person. Humanity cannot be measured in a languid 30 seconds of Masturbation in the video, you immediately roll it to the middle and the end.

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