The rules of life Elon musk

manygoodtips.com_8.09.2015_4OdUvgZtAoy1pIt is called «the next Steve jobs» and guide era. Those who do not believe or are not familiar with his activities, or do not know who this is. Life gave him the same problem as Ewan (Ewan) McGregor – no one in Russia really knows how to pronounce his name – Elon or Ilon. Properly yet Elon, Elon Musk.

This kid with the face of rednecks that plays American football for a University team, have created the most incredible Corporation of modernity, and is trying to shift the slow axis kastanayevo the insanity and instability of the world and make life better. In all respects it is reminiscent of a comic book character than the common man. By the way, the cinematic Tony stark has been copied from Ilona. So it will be doubly and even three times it is useful to read quotes and rules of life that «genius, philanthropist, playboy and a millionaire», the ruler of electric cars and just as it seems like a great guy. His statements should listen, it’s not you Vlad Topalov (remember this?).

On how to become successful

I worked from morning till night. Lived in the same warehouse where they filmed the office and to take a shower and went into the changing rooms of the local stadium. But I saved on rent, and in the first two most difficult years kept the company afloat.

Work 80-100 hours a week. This will increase the chances of success.

Elon as a person and a head

People who know me generally have a good opinion about me. Anyway, until then, until I fired them, they always have a good opinion about me.

About the most important thing in life

During a banal adolescent depression Elon found the answers in the book of Douglas Adams «Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy». And what she taught him?

She taught me that the hardest part is to come up with the right questions. Once you’ve done that, everything else works very simply.And we must strive to…

I came to the conclusion that we should strive to expand the limits of human consciousness, to learn to ask the right questions.

Businessmen note

Disingenuous or not, hard to say. Probably should take a long time to became clear. If not lying, if indeed it is aimed at the ennoblement of the pen for humanity, honor and praise him.

I don’t want to be a grandfather who can’t check their email. But I’m hardly in the future will make a new Internet business. It seems to me that I should focus on creating things that can have a positive impact on the future of humanity. I like to be involved in things that will change the World.

The imitation

Tesla Motors is named after Nikola Tesla, because we use some of his inventions. This guy definitely deserves more recognition by society. However, to be honest, I always liked Thomas Edison, because, unlike Tesla, he was able to bring their inventions to the mass market and make them available for all mankind. Tesla has failed.

Plans for the future

It would be great to be born on Earth and die on Mars, but hopefully not from the collision with the surface.However, space care Ilona stronger than it may seem.

All types of transport that we use, be it planes, trains, cars, bikes, horses, they are all reusable, all but the missiles. And we must solve this problem to become a truly cosmic civilization.And about Napoleonic plans of Ilona and the company better say this statement:

We will not stop until, while on the roads will remain one of the electric vehicles.


About money and people

That’s what happens, dear children, with decent people when they earn their first million.

If you have the millions of dollars it changes your lifestyle – those who say otherwise are blatantly lying. I don’t need to work terms of standard of living, but, you know, I’m working. I work every day and on the weekends, and I have a few years was not in holiday.

A moment of motivation

Perhaps the most brilliant motivation I’ve ever seen.

The best advice I was given is this: doubt yourself and always think about how you could work better.

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