The rules of life Dalai Lama


The fourteenth Dalai Lama scared me simpatichen, as, however, Buddhism and all Tibetan people. This dude is completely adequate (which is not enough for many religious leaders), he has a positive attitude towards science, not against human cloning and supports the idea of creating artificial life forms on the basis of computers. In short, our guy.

Today we decided to tell you about the rules of life Dalai Lama, they are very, very smart.

1. Know that great love and great personal achievements put you under huge risk!

2. Even when you lose, don’t pass up an opportunity to learn from the situation the lesson.

3. Follow these three rules:

  • Respect yourself
  • Respect others
  • Take responsibility for your actions

4. Remember that sometimes if you didn’t get what you wanted, it can be an even greater success than when you got what you wanted.

5. Memorize and study in detail different rules to know how best to break them.

6. Don’t let a small argument ruin a great friendship.

7. If you realized you made a mistake, make every effort to fix it.

8. Every day spend some time alone.

9. Be open to change rather than to material values.

10. Remember that sometimes silence is the best answer.

11. Live a good, decent life, because when you’re old, you will have something to remember and relive again.

12. The love atmosphere in your house is the best basis for life.

13. When quarreling with your loved ones, do not remember the past.

14. The best way to achieve immortality is to share their knowledge.

15. Be attentive to nature and the Earth.

16. Once a year, visit a place which had never been previously.

17. Remember that the best relationships are those relationships in which love for each other exceeds your need for each other.

18. Evaluate your success only by the number of things you refused to come to him.

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