The rules of drinking


On this wonderful holiday you must get drunk. Or drink. Why not, if it’s three days of drinking! But since you find this article, most likely, or Tuesday, or when it would take two days just F. Y. I. these rules and use them in the future. For example, for the New year. Just a great reason! Improve your Christmas mood and teach you how to drink!

1. Before each shot you need toast!

Without toast is drinking. Tradition-S.

2. The one who buys the next round gets the first toast

Shouldn’t buy drinks for everyone! Okay let’s toast!

3. Change your toast at least once a month

«Happiness, health!» — it’s corny. And it will be like in this video:

4. Buy someone a drink is five times better than shake hands

Should I explain why?

5. Buy a strange woman a drink is fine. To pay all of its stacks for the evening — silly

6. Never take more than one cigarette from the same person in one night

It’s rude!

7. To get the bartender’s attention through eye contact and a smile

No need to shout across the room, as Masyanya: «BA-a-a-Armen!!!»

8. Don’t smile at the bartender and not looked at it stealthily, if you want a drink

Dude, you have the same normal orientation?

9. Never, never tell the bartender to pour you something REALLY strong

Because he’ll pour you a drink. For example, something like this. And as if you weren’t cool, you fly.

10. If he gets you something weak, order again. He will understand

And do not save money, at least today, you were planning to get drunk.

11. If you offer a girl a drink and she refuses, then she doesn’t like you

Don’t have to bother.

12. If you offer to buy a woman a drink and she agrees, it means nothing

Have no illusions.

13. If she buys you a drink, she likes you

14. If someone offers to buy you a drink, don’t order something expensive and unknown

Can regret.

15. Let your house will always have a corkscrew

16. If you have no corkscrew, how to open a bottle without using hands…

…screwdriver, brush, paint, screw, sewing…

17. If you ever in your life drink some typically feminine cocktail, you will be forever a guy who drinks typically feminine cocktails

And then not wriggle. By the way, girls love make up one’s mind yourself.

18. Our parents drank. And even better than us

Trust me, dude, your dad is drinking much more than you. And was able to do it. If he is not a teetotaler.

19. Never talk in the bathroom at the bar with someone when they are urinating

Only with very close friends. If you’re standing next to a stranger at the urinal and try about something to ask, it is at least incorrect.

20. Girls can check their makeup to hang out together in the same toilet stall, controlling each other. Men do not ever

Actually, my girlfriend complained that she is too wild. Just think two men who hang out in the same toilet stall. And they don’t do THAT. Just talking and scratching his beard.

21. After the sixth drink, do not look at myself in the mirror. It will shake your confidence in yourself

When we are in a strong drunk, we weren’t nyashkami as when you first started to drink. You must have a red, slightly swollen face.

22. You can enjoy the DJ song only once. If he’s not playing it for half an hour, don’t go to showdown try to order more

Do not be like that «Man, once again the Leps! Walk, pawson!» You came intelligent to get drunk and hang out.

23. If you can’t afford to leave a tip at the bar, go for wine stores

Seriously, leave the bar tip if the service is good need.

24. If you know how to make a rose out of napkins, you’ll be able to amaze many women

You will be surprised how well this stuff works!

25. If you owe someone a small amount of money, give it a beer

Fortunately, it is not necessary to allocate someone a trifle!

26. Never complain about the drink that you got for free

Just drink up!

27. The only thing that is tastier than free booze, stolen booze

We are not asking you to cross the law. But it is always possible to steal something or get it in some tricky way to avoid claims.

28. Learn to appreciate hangovers

If everything was so good, any fool could get drunk every day.

29. If you’re the only customer in the bar, make small talk with the bartender until he is very busy

To carry on a conversation with the bartender is always nice. Feel like the hero of the Noir detective.

30. Don’t leave a tip coins

Even chewed up the paper better than two ten-ruble coin

31. Any man on the stage or behind the bar looks two times better than you

Because he was used to it and doesn’t drink like you. Calm down!

32. To determine how much a person likes to drink, by the way he holds a glass to his mouth

When someone holds a glass on weight during a conversation. The closer the glass to drink (or even for the mouth), the more the guy loves to lay by the collar.

33. When you’re drunk, you feel satisfaction. Hard to resist not to tell anyone about it

But you still try, there’s nothing worse than a drunk obsessive person.

34. Drinking alone — excellent

Alcoholism is when you do it too often. Once in a few months — fine.

35. After three of any of the drinks you will forget her name she called you a few seconds ago

The rest of the evening you will call her «Kitty» or «Sweetie».

36. Men don’t drink through a straw

If you brought a cocktail with a straw, take out and drink so

37. If you brought shorts-drink, drink it immediately

If you’re drinking it several times, it is better not agree

38. When a few drunks fighting, and you’re almost sober, look at it funny

They are so funny trying to hit each other!

39. Ask the bartender what Beers are on tap when the taps and handles with signs are right in front of you, equivalent to a loud shout the whole bar «I’m an idiot!»

Is it so hard to see them?

40. If you don’t know what you want, just grab a beer

After you got the beer, distractions from the bar, so as not to obstruct the work of the bartender

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