The rules of building a successful career in crisis

manygoodtips.com_25.08.2015_BXg98avSK2L4HSay, dear friend, what gate our stability and prosperity breaks out of the terrible world crisis. How many goals now fly with the scaffold under the name «reduction». The businesses are closing, prices are rising… But don’t cry. All garbage, break through and survive the crisis. Have repeatedly broke. I’ll tell you more, in this era it is possible to live contentedly. But it needs a lot of work. By the way, a career in crisis is not built by shameless theft, and with the help of a number of rules to be learned here is committed to high offices to the employee.

Down with modesty

During the crisis, the big name is the key to success. To create it, if you get rid of this «lack» as modesty. Not in the sense that we should start go that far with the boss. Here the recipe is simple: don’t be silent and don’t turn, increases the activity and everywhere tell about their successes. Remember, the first candidates for dismissal, you will always have people that no one knows. So a little more activity, but not «premasol» the eyes of the boss.

The usefulness

During the crisis, important is a concept of usefulness. When employers are experiencing staff shortages, almost turning a blind eye on the quality of work. If all the shortcomings in the form of indiscipline and lack of leadership qualities (you mark «up») to compensate for the over-fulfillment of sales plans, easy money and an increase in market capitalization, you can guarantee yourself the honor and respect of his superiors. Therefore, in times of crisis valuable employee is worth its weight in gold.

Rigidity and thinking

The crisis favors the people are tough, determined, with a proactive attitude, flexible and enterprising, who abandoned the pattern of thinking. Employers are interested in hiring such managers.

These qualities enable us to effectively manage when budgets are limited, competition is particularly unfriendly, access to funding sources is limited, consumer demand falls and there is a General distrust in the market, so you should have these qualities before heading to storm the career Olympus. Moreover, in the conditions of crisis for successful work of the Manager is considered not bringing large profits, and just keeping the company afloat.

Harmony with others

However do not forget that conflicts with your colleagues before a fall. Usually grumpy and problematic employees get first. It is impossible to make a career, not having such qualities as correctness, politeness, diplomacy, restraint, stress and the ability to control myself. So be patient and pretend you love their fellowmen.

Good luck

Without luck there is no event in our life, especially career, and even in a crisis… Becomes a necessity to be at the right time in the right place. That is, seize the moment, sir.


The crisis is magnifying glass, through it the wrong decision seem even more wrong, and the right – incredibly right. The cost of failure increases many times, but the price of success is much higher. Here either sink or swim. But it needs to have great courage. Sometimes too large – because you will have to eliminate their competitors, who can remain without work.


Do not demand immediate remuneration or increase for the good ideas and solutions. It is very luxurious for a company that is struggling for survival. Much easier to part with a disgruntled employee and take his place specialist «from the street» who agrees to work for lower wages.

No pain

Try not to run your health, it is often a hospital in a difficult period may cause the displeasure of the authorities. There is, of course, force majeure issues such as appendicitis, poisoning, fractures and sore throats. But to take a day off whenever the temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees, not worth it. You will find healthy.

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