The Rover «Curiosity» provided evidence of the existence of lakes on Mars


The Curiosity Rover was first sent to Mars in 2012 to explore Gale crater with a radius of 150 kilometres and educated after the collision with the asteroid. And only a few months ago the unit got to the foot of mount sharp, where it made a startling discovery: the mountain was formed from sedimentary rock, which means that the Gale crater was once filled with water. Michael Meyer, lead scientist for NASA, said: given the fact that the formation water has to go from one to several tens of millions of years and that the lake is of considerable size, there is a great likelihood that the lake was at least the simplest forms of life. Also, according to the latest «Curiosity», the latest warming on the red planet ended much earlier than it was supposed before, namely about 3.5 billion years ago.

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