The robber was found that they fell out of his pant legs money


On the eve of occurred in California an epic Bank robbery. The suspect probably forgot to buy a bag that he had put the stolen money.

25-year-old Shawn Lee Canfield was arrested after leaving the Bank where he did the robbery. He came out of $ 2748, but part of the sum lost on the way. With the dropped money and found the robber. Where fell the money? From Sean’s pants, according to California police.

Police say Canfield walked into the Bank around 1:40 and handed the cashier a note demanding cash. The robber got the money and left. Police did not have to spend a lot of time to find the culprit.

Officers noticed the crumpled bills on the sidewalk and passed the money. Soon they found Sean, who was stuffing bills down my pants. The police detained him and took him back to the Bank, where the teller identified the robber.

Most of the money — $ 2414 — fell out of Canfield’s pant legs when he walked through the police station. During a police interview, and the rest — $ 334 — fell out of Canfield’s pants when he was asked to stand up, police said.

Canfield admitted to the Bank robbery and said he needed money to visit his mother in Colorado.

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