The robber tried to hide under the sofa

sofa bed

Retired at city of St. Petersburg noticed that a window of one of the houses gets a suspicious looking man. Woman decisively called the police.

Employees of private security arrived on the scene immediately, but on first inspection the apartment they noticed practically nothing but chaos, scattered and broken things. The guards decided that the intruder dumped from the crime scene, but there it was. Someone came up with a great idea to check under the sofa in one of the rooms. And voila! Under the sofa was a thief, and together with the loot.

32-year-old boy kidnapped 17 thousand rubles, jewelry, some watches and 4 mobile phone. The robber was already convicted of similar crimes and was wanted. Good luck for the police!!

The sofa is not the best tool for the procedure but worth remembering, just in case.

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