The robber returned the money after 30 years


So, man, conscience is categorically a bad thing, especially for those people that have it. We have before us a very remarkable story of the robbery, which occurred about 30 years.

In the police station of the state of Michigan received a letter along with the attached 1200 «green». In the letter was the address of the store which many years ago was robbed by the unknown man. In fact, he then stole $ 800, and this, apparently, is the interest that has accumulated over 30 years. Yeah, dude, we definitely don’t suggest you to invest cash in a criminal case. The interest is too small!

The guy said that it all these years, felt guilty. Police managed to find the victim of a crime of thirty years ago. This man was in complete shock from such an act, he definitely did not expect such justice.

Sheriff Bob Baker (Bob Baker) said in a TV interview that he would not try to find the attacker. First, because the guy has suffered for his sins from the pangs of conscience, and secondly, because the validity of the crime had to end.

Well… fair enough.

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