The robber accidentally calls 911

criminal scum1877538922

So, dude, idiots in the world very very much, we can say that a lot too. These guys are special idiots.

Two dudes from California decided to Rob a car that transports drugs prescription. In the process of a robbery of the van with drugs (you know, that among them can be something like morphine) someone from the guys accidentally pressed in the pocket for the phone button where the speed dial was the number… 911. Logical: Americans fear they are afraid that they will happen something bad, and just in case they keep the police number on speed dial. But our hero is not only not noticed that the phone calls the police, but continued to go about their business. Within 35 minutes the female Manager listened to in detail, how two idiots hammering the van with drugs and talking about what they will do with the loot. Clearly, the children enjoyed a warm welcome police officers who took the idiots under the white ruchenki.

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