The road to Calvary: why a useful mental suffering?

manygoodtips.com_8.04.2014_yEkMe8WXJSiWcDon’t think that we’re all become masochists. Suffering to strengthen us, even are difficult. They make us stronger, better and more tolerant. Good days don’t change who we are, but sometimes a bad one makes all the change. If someone thinks that the good days make us better, because they’re all so Sunny and positive, I will tell you exactly: good days change us only slightly, but the real problem — dramatically.

Suffering stays with us all day and all night, absorbed in our dreams and waking us with a sharp reminder of his presence. It got stuck in our clothes and we wear it together with a fake smile until you begin to gradually move away from him.

You walk around miserable all day, you’re jealous of all the people who pass by because you think they were not so unhappy as you. You’re the only one in the world carry this burden, this just no one happened, but it’s not. In the world there were situations and is worse, even to remember the hungry in Africa not worth it, and so many examples. Regardless of what beautiful or ugly, rich or well uploaded by other people, it seems that they do not know sadness. In fact, everyone has problems, worries, unhappiness. We are all prisoners of our own thoughts and thoughts that lead us to depression. It seems to be completely unequal to the problem, can lead to equal suffering — it all depends on perception.

While you think that the worse your problems can not be, and the suffering can’t bring anything good, today’s article is about the benefits of mental suffering and their gentle action.

1. It builds character

Strong willed people are not born as such. People who are really impressive, once upon a time could be a miserable namby-pamby, which any authoritarian person could without a twinge of conscience to put a cross. Only properly transferred suffering, only hardening and difficulties can make people actually people. In most literary works, films and stories of heroes from the wimps become heroes suffered greatly. Walter white turned into Heisenberg, when he got cancer. Willie stark in the novel «All the king’s men» became the way he is, after he realized that they simply enjoyed and treated him like a fool. All of this suggests that abrupt changes in the nature and way of life happen when her life gets tough.

2. It will make you more sensitive to the suffering of other people

You used to think that the breakup is not a reason for suffering. In a sea full of fish! Then you understand these feelings, having experienced something similar on my own experience. Suffering help you to understand other people’s point of view and your mind to reach a simple truth: ostentatious cynicism — the usual self-defense and nothing more. Such cynicism is funny and is only good for inexperienced students or people who are afraid to show their emotions.

Suffering can help us appreciate art, sad movies, to understand the complexity of human emotions and respond differently to different things.

3. It strengthens you

The problem with modern people is that they avoid suffering and not become firmer. Suffering makes us strong, make more stable, calm and experienced. Wrong this experience can lead to the fact that you get out of a situation is not the winner and the loser with the broken feelings, hardened and full of anger. It’s furious, which is still the same old grinding suffering. You did not really experienced but simply denied access to their emotions. Sitting like a dog in the manger, guarded by unnecessary you a lot and growl at everyone who passes by.

If you have the soul scars, in the future you are experiencing difficulties with greater ease. You will be harder to intimidate and to persuade to doubt the spirit: «And do you think that I live wrong?» You have your own specific experience, and so there’s a chance to make their judgment.

4. Perspective

When we are dealing with a real meal, we see life differently. We fully understand the importance of happiness when it lose. Also we can finally truly appreciate the finer things in life.

When you feel something really bad, you far better understand how it actually looks like something good. Most importantly — you’ll know there’s hope and you feel it. Like «ray of hope» — this kind of crap, almost a unicorn. But it does exist. And yet, just like in the article about bankruptcy, you will learn to find small joys, such as in a large meat pizza.

5. «Earthing»

No matter how you are smart, cunning and clever, if you’ve never been through suffering, the first difficulty will knock you off your feet. Even the smallest and insignificant. At some point we forget that there are only people, and suffering remind us that we are not the main beings in the universe, and it lives by its own laws and will live after us.