The RINGTOOL multitool, 4.07.2013, N7xf0sbOQQP5s4YylYBEh1ZlTa7c3Dxk

You know, dude, I realized that a small and very multi-function multitool — it’s a real godsend for the modern bro. And if it can still be worn as a keychain, it is absolutely universal nonsense. So today I was very happy when they found another strange, but very useful multitool called RINGTOOL.

This strange round nonsense is not only very funny looks at the ring with the keys, but also able to carry a decent amount of features. This round piece of stainless steel performs 9 functions. In the presence of a bottle opener, flat screwdriver and a device for tightening bolts of different sizes and number of edges: hexagon, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, Choice is really great.

I think that the concept of a keychain with the keys simply has to change. Buy a keychain for the price of $ 30.

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