The rich do for fun: class hatred for

Nice to live not forbid, man. Sometimes I wonder what I would do if I were rich. I recently came across an online shop with clothes (I love online shopping, what can you do) — cecal, where now sales. So, there were sales. For example, you could buy a shirt made of crocodile skin, not 200 thousand roubles, and all for 172. So, I thought, who buys? Who feels this need? Probably, all these guys whose Instagram I was looking at today, feeling a righteous sense of class hatred. Look what they do this summer.

1. Playing Golf in the backyard., 25.06.2013, jIcqjGwqydbOXArUJdGqwwk72k9BfM0Z

2. Buy the boat., 25.06.2013, gs7nlvpghbczJXaQhvfmYpgtWZvvtCO7

3. Just sit at home., 25.06.2013, cwdRcySwOQFmh4dl8RMaARySO93iZMyj

4. Relax by the pool., 25.06.2013, PX0H36bAvvSORUyajz02C4zeCG6xmHaT

5. Eat sushi on its own plane., 25.06.2013, ZM34HTuMMGEvO8l2ffrws991rdZhZXXv

6. Take Spa treatments., 25.06.2013, Li54PQLemihM3PJtnfYuGxR4AjaduczQ

7. Play beer pong on a Porsche., 25.06.2013, n1oTToXvDgrL4Ck4O7uSEEOyeVXRG2vs

8. Restock their gold cards., 25.06.2013, kKLqKJVXuuiJ8OGxf7xuqC5xFH48iswk

9. Buy a trunk full of MOKAS. What for?, 25.06.2013, cQe3JMaBXgL0ADBGCiv9DLUxq7CgF8Yi

10. Cultural drink with friends., 25.06.2013, zvY38tzwRKp3Zwbes0nSYW0bzcjagNxr

11. Delight yourself shopping., 25.06.2013, Z0XTzZ1ubOmuVBNafSxJa0gQf3Q6RaS8

12. Yelling at his residence in Ibiza., 25.06.2013, G2UV7Go7T0F4d5fnGQiPBFka8eK6fQhi

13. Ride in yachts and helicopters., 25.06.2013, fPkYSZCCw6rgsk91pbpP8zPV25dRI5Kn

14. Accidentally snack on their vehicles., 25.06.2013, IGWsFdkLGsg4pzjg3ePfVximzztCqweH

15. Weigh your dough., 25.06.2013, 8093fZId5nTXijnzOVZfNT5Lx4hv8tiP

16. Take your new house., 25.06.2013, r5BqcsB9FVZqYVSsbfkA0j907MDL2u2n

17. Laughing at your own bowling alley., 25.06.2013, gu3dTj8UnGJM6a2juWYsovNjrAqdTQXu

18. And again ride on the boat., 25.06.2013, QtZwfR3NRUSvwCZcWJouRHSudBqWHi2q

19. Restrained seat belts the most expensive., 25.06.2013, 526UOw5SyihfVK7kBZCJMOpqAEyf6Sgy

20. Swimming, of course., 25.06.2013, vQDCmzZgx66dK3wMa2b8802JljvwN6kp

21. Receive gifts., 25.06.2013, REKRN4lwpLMFTxVot10jkk46QktoIGVA

22. Measured live in his apartment., 25.06.2013, RHtV0tECoDaHWjcqihtiPRx38noR1qJJ

23. Arrive at his summer residence., 25.06.2013, kkxjmchR5r89XNnheJxUSaWJKf0jkvVW

24. Replenish your collection of paintings., 25.06.2013, 8770ho3BEFm41wWuI6miAkynxpeY7gDV

25. Collect suitcases., 25.06.2013, zeCm0i37gFAjTBUrRrTxiuML35axdQWl

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