The rich are evil, greedy bastards?

Everyone knows that there are clear double standards for rich and poor. Some, such as in relation to women and men. Rich is credited with the whims, anger, and immoral lifestyle. Put the poor honest small, which kicks in to earn a living by honest labor. And we somehow forget that sometimes the rich show their very best side, and here the poor, on the contrary, doing things that wealthy hair stir. Perhaps this morality evolved to ensure that people are not worried about his financial state and limited to the abstract concepts of «spirituality». There are many such moral mistakes. Here are some of them.

1. The rich are evil, greedy bastards


Many classic novels and the movie «Titanic» assure us that rich people are evil, selfish, greedy personality. Even the Bible assures us that a rich man hard to enter the Kingdom of God.

If you need more anticolonialist, let’s go to Google for stories such as «employee of the charity Fund was jailed for embezzlement». Absolutely money is not corrupting. Of course, we hear many stories about politicians who receive bribes, and then sit at a miserable time in prison. Of course, they have the opportunity to pay off. Because they’re rich. Then again they are doing some sort of nefarious deeds. And all because… they can.

If someone in the world together made disappear all the money in the world, people quickly found a new way of quality exchange. For example, Boobs. People with the wormhole will seek these resources and to power, in fact, so there are many: there are many possibilities. By the way, think about corruption in other places where there is great wealth. For example, in school, in universities, in small offices. Money does not make people as just they are! In many countries, in our example, the desire for wealth is seen as a desire for something bad. Do you have to say that money is not important. But you can’t aim for money, you can, for example, seek to implement the features. But everything is still again do not care.

2. Demand repayment of debts low

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Now imagine that you are in debt, as in silks. You can’t pay the rent, a loan and even to buy food not for that. In any moment can come the bailiffs and describe your property. And they will be absolutely right, because you owe them. They gave you some kind of credibility or a cash loan, and you fail them. Understandably, they want to get their money back. I hope you’re not going to argue that it is supposedly unfair.

So why should we feel guilty when we demand repayment of debt from our friends or relatives? We also gave them money, we gave them credibility, and they are here as a year can not return. And we even is really scary to talk about it. May think that money is important to us, and this is not good. The Bank can demand the Bank and the Bank! But demand from his friend three thousand something low. Besides, these people can rebel and say, «Bro, the money clutched my bro?» And look at you so accusingly. And you don’t want to lose his friend. Although the comrades do not do.

3. Asking for help is bad


My friend had a mother that was constantly brought home to him some nonsense. Hundreds of eggs, a couple of eggplants, then a little meat. But when they asked her for help, she literally went nuts. And the situation is clear. When do a lot for a man, you want something in return. But what you definitely do not want-do not want to asked you about something ELSE. You immediately feel insignificant. It is for you all went, so much work, and I… I asked her help, of course, she could refuse me! Woe, Woe is me! You feel like an irresponsible person who needs outside intervention.

The problem is that our main weakness is pride. Pride causes us not to take handouts from people, so as not to be due to them and feel their independence. But pride can lead to the most unpleasant: death. You lose literally all their money, a job, a girlfriend, but can’t take a couple of extra thousand from my mom. You have to stay on ramen without the Internet. You may die, but you don’t want to accept help. And then you can always give back!

4. «No» to a request for help makes you an asshole


If anyone of our family members, not enough money, we can of course give them money. This is normal. But not when we have no money. In the pocket if we have a thousand roubles, comes to us our brother and we give him the money because «he must», we are foolish. Because tomorrow there is a hell of salt, we have to. If you have your family, which at the moment does not have enough money, and you have someone from the family wants to borrow money with such a look: «you still more money than I have», you should not take them, because you’re endangering my family.

Worst of all, some members of your family, when you reach more or less influential position, will come and literally demand you to give their children a place in your firm. A place to practice can be given, but the workplace, for which you will pay the money into the pocket of the bum, it’s sort of silly. But we still do. The paradox, isn’t it?

I think that bill gates didn’t people. However, there is a little bit different mentality, and don’t forget that he donated much money to charity.

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