The rich and poor: rich is better

manygoodtips.com_19.04.2016_X2u6tyCikvkt0Some sagely hemming the hundredth time, torn pants, say that money isn’t everything and, in General, not in them happiness. Of these, only the anger is bad and vile people. And anyway, if you have in your pocket is more than 200 rubles, I believe that you’re contagious, people won’t forgive you, you chose the path of wealth – the way of the unfortunate, insensitive, greedy, it is defective, vicious and dishonest individual. Only, if the deal is not so bad.

We do not remember trivial truth, and you know that in a world where money talks, the rich to be easier. You can buy health, respect in society, status, to live contentedly and quite and to realize their old dreams. That’s not why we live? People like to say that all the benefits given by the money – zilch, false paper veil. But it’s better to live there than in cold and contempt.

We in any case do not neglect poor people. Among them is full of decent people, and it is foolish to despise themselves. We just want to show that in wealth there is nothing wrong, and whatever the cons, the pros still tangible. Add to the items that can be bought only for money (live longer, self-confident, kinder, healthier, richer horizons and more seen), psychological aspects and get the secret to a happy life.

Health and life

Let’s start with the confirmed research fact. They are often much more effective moral values. So, recently an international group of scientists conducted a large-scale study, which found that the level of income is associated with life expectancy. The richest people live on average almost 15 years longer than the poor. It was a long and painstaking work, to study tax returns and other documents. In the end, it turned out that one percent of the richest men live 14.6 years longer than one percent of the poorest men. For women the difference in life expectancy between rich and poor is 10.6 years.

And this in spite of Smoking and alcohol. Still, the level of medical care strongly affects the life expectancy and region of residence.

On the other hand, to make money, with rare exceptions, need bullish health. The more you work here the less you get. Maybe that is the secret?

Easier to change the world course, you can be altruistic, and how, no philanthropist, even if you don’t toss millions at a time in his pocket. But on the other hand, wealthy benefactors are much more likely to make the world a better, kinder and more advanced than a simple layman. And, typically, faster. History knows many examples and many philosophers that have made the world a better place. However, she is not familiar with such a character as Elon Musk. Guy had been running at a loss, but it promotes science much faster and more efficiently SKOLKOVO and many other science cities and corporations from all over the world. Make the revolution in the automobile industry, invents rocket to reusable. It is clear that his idea involved the shareholders ‘ money, but something I haven’t seen other Corporation involved in this. BMW? No. Branson’s Virgin? Either. Trump before chasing Obscenum chair, also in such actions were not observed. They were doing charity work, building houses for orphans, provision of hospitals. Unfortunately, we live in a world where the state cannot cope with its responsibilities, and the situation in your hands you have to take such people. Ordinary people also send to charity as I can, but, unfortunately, such procedures are on the Fund-raising continues longer, and the required amount to collect is not always possible.

Mood for life and not for survival

What distinguishes the rich man from poor man? The fact that rich people can do what he likes. Because the poor tend to work for money, they establish for itself a lower standard of expected income, not to stay with bare ass in the legendary «black day». A potential millionaire always aiming higher.

And the whole problem is that poor people believe that in order to get rich, you need to do anything special or work on unloved, but well-paid jobs. With the rich somehow easier, they are not fixated on obtaining a systematic education, and seek to obtain specific knowledge they need to achieve their goals for a specific time and the nearest future. They, of course, like any normal people, dream of something distant and beautiful… how is it… Exactly! Happy future. Only they do.

And the big gap between these two polar worlds in relation to money. The poor man used to leave everything for the last day, whereas the rich man is that shrink first. Then he is overcome the psychology of a winner and starts a marathon with a goal to earn more and more.


manygoodtips.com_19.04.2016_7jLwQMoooTWWhAll the rich people in the mass sense – people are absolutely shameless and despicable. But you who steal nuts in the «Auchan» and piss in the hallways, sinless. If you were smarter and luckier, would be in your hands large amounts of money and power – stealing would be a lovely soul. But it’s not about that, because this is a subjective opinion and private, and carries, like many arguments about wealth and poverty, it is absolutely subjective. It’s about the fact that in any country, in any society, large dealers have to maneuver: in society, in business, and among the powerful. Unfortunately, there is always an asshole, which tower more, and money is thicker and wider communication. In order to stay afloat, not to go to jail, do not pass the road someone vindictive and angry, you have to be aware of developments, keep abreast of the world and to have an idea about all new. A rich man is better educated, his heart beats in unison with the pulse of life, and, of course, his knowledge is often wider and more useful than most. Maybe somewhere lame theory, but with practice everything all right.

Someone will notice that the rich man does not know the taste of the red of Ramen noodles, Shawarma on Paveletskoy and aroma of a rented apartment with bad repair. Believe me, most of this started, and maybe these things they know better than you.

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