The rich and happy: how much money are young enough dude? people aspire to riches and unfortunately, not many attain it. I will not hypocritical to write, what not in money happiness: if you have good money, sanity and imagination you can come up with extremely qualitative leisure time, to stop thinking about certain requirements to satisfy small short-term desires and improve their lives. The money should be enough. Of course, it is important not only the quantity but also the ability to manage them. At some point, when you haven’t started a family with children, and living alone or with a girl, you feel lack of money, which depends not only on how much you earn for a living, but also on how to dispose of them. 23-25 years before I learned how to understand that the amount of money that I earn enough to meet my demanding requirements. This, of course, does not mean that I am happy with just one amount of money, and don’t want. Over time, the amount of money earned I was growing up, was added, and a joint budget, I just defined the criteria by which one can determine that all of your finances in order. But you can, of course, and more.

Today I remembered these criteria and described them in this article, providing some comments.

1. You should have enough money to overstock in the shop of healthy food for the whole week

Here you need to focus on this article here. During my University years when I occasionally worked part time and freelancer, not everyone’s parents can afford to overstock for a full week, not to lack for ingredients. Most likely because we simply did not know how to manage money. With the increase of my wealth and going to work for me it is easier to overstock for a full week, and I began to do this more often. The amount of money increased, I learned them somehow dispose of.

2. You should have enough money to times in a week to have a good time with friends

Don’t even have to drink, you can sit at the bar, go bowling, go to the movies tonight, then drink Beers and take a cab home. That’s right, man. You go to a new level when you have the opportunity to stay the night and book a taxi without having to fear for your budget. If you drive a taxi, although I can’t afford it, you’re a fool.

3. You have enough money to go to a concert of a band you like

And not necessarily even fanatet of a group and raise money throughout the year. The city was a group whose music you just like. You decided to have a good time, bought tickets and went at it.

4. You have enough money to buy a gym membership for at least six months

To monitor the quality of your body — the correct attachment. Once I had to sacrifice the gym, sometimes that many it makes sense to sacrifice (e.g., meeting in a bar with friends), but a sufficient amount of money, the one which allows you to go to the gym every month without casualties. I’m not talking about buying expensive season tickets for the year at fitness centers with the pathetic names, I’m talking about regular gyms where you can pay a visit for a month or even once.

5. Buy a bottle of wine more than 300 rubles for you not expensive

As a rule, the wines in this price range better. Meet and good wine, for example, local cheaper 300 rubles, but it is good to be found in the price range above this amount. If you can do it not only for holiday, but also because I wanted to drink with a friend after a week of work, everything is fine.

6. You can go to a few movies that you like

You don’t have to choose between the «Wolf of wall street» and «Nymphomaniac». You can view all of them, just make sure it is appropriate. After watching a movie you can afford a light snack.

7. And in theatre, if you like

I realized that was sufficient to make, when passed by the theater and went to see what was coming. After that I chose, bought two tickets, he informed his wife and went on.

8. You have enough money to at least once a year to go to the big festival

For example, in «Kuban» or «IgroMir» (this year I’m going for the latter). Even if you have to save some money and tighten the belt. To pay for hotel, food, the opportunity to go somewhere. If you can do the same for their women, honor and praise to you.

9. You can go abroad (if you want)

At least once a year. Turkey and Egypt — not from this Opera. Even if you travel abroad very modestly. Ukraine and Belarus are also not considered.

10. You can buy a coffee in the morning and not think that it is expensive

So, coffee to go is now worth disproportionately expensive, but I don’t really believe in the principle of the latte: if you don’t drive your budget through the books, reducing the debit and credit, it is unlikely you will feel any difference. I quit Smoking and sudden gain money on the felt, where did they go? You can safely leave the office, buy yourself a coffee, because I wanted exactly and back. To do this often, certainly not worth it, but sometimes you can. All need some encouragement.

11. If you’re during shopping trips with a girl found something cool for yourself, you can buy

For example, a t-shirt with Space Invaders, which I recently found. Of course, this is not a reason to behave like a «real woman» drooling over another cloth. There is nothing wrong to try not to look like a bum, the most important thing, as always, measure.

12. You should have enough money to make a friend for dinner

Unfortunately, as we would like, emancipation has not reached such a stage that a friend took us to a cafe and entertained. And, frankly, that’s good. We still have to show girlfriend that are a cool, entertaining her and feeding. After a few such trips you must have enough funds to not only buckwheat, my young Padawan. On a detailed analysis of the question of paying for the first date we have an article.

13. If your computer is hopelessly outdated, you should be means to replace it

At least in parts. When I realized that I can buy a graphics card because the old is not drawn to ultra some games, I realized that everything is going in the right direction.

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