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manygoodtips.com_8.05.2015_H8vlHarZTy4yaWe are not against St. George ribbons. How can you be against textile products? That’s just stupid. By the way, dear members of the FSB, we fully support the initiative of introducing ribbons as a symbol of the great Victory! And we truly believe the Victory Day a great holiday. Without sarcasm.

And now, when the guardians of morality became interested to read this article, see the nuances. Name them – people.

A little bit of help. As you know, in our country there are several types of respect for veterans:

– the usual: «Oh, today is a holiday. And output at the same time. In General, it was war»;

– relevant: «It is rather a day of mourning and loving memory»;

– Patriotic: «my Grandfather fought!!! Need to buy «AGCO» St. George’s ribbon! Even more ribbons!»;

negative: «Well, they won – so what? This is how Ms. denig tratitsa day pabedy!!! All the characters pageable alive astalis only tulawie rats! PA TV! nechevo, days vaenye movies! Out of principle I will not feed lentochku!» (content – 2, literacy 2).

Of course, there’s nothing worse than the last two types. These moods it is best to show those sad things that happen to the part of the population. She’s got phimosis, the brain is not revealed. But okay crowd covers up his lack of interest in the holiday by wearing the ribbon. All: and rulers, and marketers. In General, you can not blame the government for what it tried to enter the symbols, which are supposed to unite people in a common Patriotic impulse. This is normal, the state should do this. Only it would be nice to control the «Patriotic feeling».

Yesterday I saw a shocking picture, which has crossed every «Obama-monkey». As you know, the more cars with this sticker can be seen on the towns and villages, vast country, the sadder it becomes. Say, recently, all huddled in hysterics, has refused. Because Petro from Noginsk pinned on my «Schoch» this symbol unbowed and fortress of the Russian spirit. Well, okay, sanctions hasn’t helped anybody, even of import substitution. But I wanted to say «patriot», fastened on the car roof 3 of a portrait of Putin, Shoigu and Lavrov? It is not clear. But nevertheless, keep trying.

However, it looked like some funeral procession, the celebration of the coronation. Remember in the old Chronicles parades parades of workers, marching with posters of Stalin? That’s about how it looked.

If people feel good! Well if they showed their active citizenship, performing socially useful things, not driving around on a painted car, stealing work and not paying child support. Just enough not to shit in the hallways, and there is no showing off is not required. So well, if these clowns raised the degree of patriotism, but they cause only respect.

Generally, the car has become more of a Christmas tree on which to affix the inscription «To Berlin» or the picture of Santa printed on A4 paper,with the caption «I remember, I’m proud of.» But one gets the opposite impression that you have your grandfather hell not proud of. Would be proud for everyone to see was not present. The grave would be better cared for or visited more often if he, God forbid, still alive.

All this is reminiscent of one verse:

«Dad is in the Bank, grandfather – in-law,

Grandfather the godfather was in the area.

Ate viagra, stress relief,

Prostitutes ordered.

Antenna Mercedes

Rag was tied.

It’s my civic duty.

I’m not Tambov wolf!»Victory day has turned into a solid show. Sorry veterans, which are remembered only for the holiday. The state gives 90-year-old grandmother’s apartment. Around, of course, there is a noisy crowd suddenly loving relatives. And the relatives – with the notorious photographs on the windshield. What you didn’t glue it on June 22? Or the day of the battle, in which your grandfather was involved? If you’re proud of, be proud of every day. It’s like that to go to the toilet after visiting the restaurant where you had lunch of gourmet dishes for a few thousand. And that, freed stomach in memory of a nice dinner. Only in other days we need to endure, not to pay attention to the urge and get annoyed about the fact that the shit that is in you, causes discomfort and inconvenience. Too harsh a comparison? Insulting veterans? Perhaps the false patriotism offends them much more.

This is very unpleasant. The show, the crowd revocada over to the bestial condition of the people that go «see the fireworks», and ribbons wrapped around those body parts, which are even scary to remember.

Apparently, these people believe that the best occasion to thank a veteran is to come to him in a bestial state, awkward Pat on the shoulder, drink in front of him a bottle of «Putinka», purchased by veteran stock (title good, and the tape is drawn) and oveav unfortunate couples Patriotic fume, to thank for the Victory. I think some of the veterans, whether they are younger, after seeing all this pandemonium, just would take some individuals by the scruff and is available at the front explained what to do from the feast of the circus of worthless.

And if you can’t trust the author, trust the man who wrote a hundred times better, and all these horrors like swarming lice overcoats, combat injuries and destroyed bodies have experienced on their skin. This is a wonderful writer Viktor Astafyev wrote very true stories. And that’s what he was talking about igarskiy fatherless in their letters and diaries after the war:

How many lost people in the war? You know and remember. Afraid to name the true figure, right? If you call, instead of the front cap should be put on the schema, to become the Victory Day on his knees in the middle of Russia and to ask his nation for forgiveness for foolishly won a war in which the enemy littered with corpses, drowned in Russian blood.

He believed that you can’t lie about the war and all this molasses with oil, the excess flows from everywhere, it is better to replace appropriate mourning silence.

Those who are lying about the war last, bring the future war. Nothing sleazier, tougher, bloodier, naturalistichnij the last war the world was not. It is necessary not heroic war show, but scary, because I hate war. We must constantly remind people not to forget. Nose, like blind kittens, poking nagazheno, blood, pus, tears, or nothing from our brother will not succeed.Probably a simple soldier, returning home, tried to forget all these horrors. Although there are some, who likes to recall whether real, or fictional stories about military exploits. It is strange that they like them all to remember. But the generals the extra honor never stopped. And here that on this occasion he wrote. in a letter to one of the «multitude of generals», likes to boast of his own exploits with the blue screens and printed pages:

…not You, not me and not the army, defeated fascism, and our long-suffering people. It’s in his blood drowned fascism, threw the corpses of the enemy.The generals didn’t call soldiers «soldiers». Usually, «bagnet», a fighter, etc. And it seems that now the veterans though, and began to call «soldiers», but the attitude towards them has not changed at any time, except on may 9.

Well, just read it, all became clear.

Here is a heavy military state, when you think, even if I rather die, even if killed me. Believe me, I’ve been dozens of times in this position dozens of times has sweated it out: even if killed.So to hide behind the ribbons is not necessary. Makarevich, when called upon to stop wearing them, something was right. But accessible just told about this «folk bard» Igor Rasteryaev. The song is very poignant to not to think about it. In General all what was said above. And perhaps, it is necessary periodically to include these days, to maintain balance and adequacy.

By the way, have you heard the news? Capello not paid salary for April. What is Victory Day? Direct link. The head of the RFU said that «this issue is insignificant compared to the great feast,» and asked not to discuss it.

Here are the pies, don Fabio. We have a colorful parade, so that all obligations in the form of wages pale into insignificance. Humble yourself and relax. And in General, it was necessary to examine our «mysterious Scythians», its mores and tastes, before come here.

Speaking of parades. They exist in all countries. This is a common, widespread practice of demonstration of its military power, its own people, which the army protects. No, they are all colorful, but you do not forget that the best technical flaws are hidden under the beautiful trappings. In the end, perhaps, the country-the winner has the right to do the colorful parade.

Of course, the war cannot be erased from people’s memory. Should be honored, but do not overdo it. And at least to start with ourselves.

Here the filmmakers seem to understand this, and instead of the «revelation on war» where the security officer is a big enemy than the Germans where trying to show the heroism of the soldiers and the cruelty of the Soviet leadership, began to shoot really good movies, where the enemy is the enemy, and the defender of the Motherland -hero. Anyway, the movies reminded who won, and in recent years began to creep into doubt.

Well, to somehow bring down the degree of unnecessary pathos, one of the best songs of the group «Auktyon» with the title.

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