The return of the hat


Up to 50-ies of the last century, men without hats on their head rarely noticed and not considered them as serious people. On clothes, as they say, meet. Now the tradition of wearing hats almost sunk into oblivion. No one knows why. Some seriously say that the end of fashion by wearing of hats occurred when JFK never wore a hat at his own inauguration. We all remember what happened with this dude. However, it is an urban myth, because Kennedy actually wore a hat that day. Another theory assures us that the evolution of cars, but rather the change of their shapes and sizes has made the wearing of hats is extremely difficult. But the reason is much simpler: contemporary fashion focused on comfort, did not leave room hats, because they a priori inconvenient.

But still hats necessary to complete the costume. Hats are functional and elegant. They can hide bad hair and hair keep your head warm and protect your eyes from the sun. And it can be worn to conceal baldness, as did Frank Sinatra. The hat combines the elegance, conveys your personality and adds an interesting and unique element to your costume. In addition, hats is a sure-fire way to boost your confidence. A cool hat can quickly become your business card and add a little bourgeois snobby.

Of course men today still wear hats, but most often they are limited to caps, round caps like a hippie, or fortunately, almost missing a trucker hat. There’s nothing wrong with these types of hats, but there are other options of hats. Match your headwear with these different options:

Flat cap

Flat cap is a rounded shape, small canopy and high back. It has long been associated with the working class of great Britain. Today, the flat cap may be an elegant way to add flavor to the sight of casual style. Cap is able to give your old jeans and a t-shirt a unique style. Prefer more masculine version of the cap, which is more flat, as opposed to the more round and voluminous caps like the newsboys of America, beginning of XX century. The last option, by the way, to pick up a girl.


Fedora or Fedora

Soft felt hats were once considered vital from the point of view of etiquette clothes for men. Wore them in public. They were also a necessary part of formal and business suit. When wearing soft felt hats has been the dominant trend, and today, the man in the soft felt hat is marked as a trendsetter. Felt hat is extremely soft, it could be made pliable enough to change shape. At the top make a longitudinal crease similar to the crown, and the whole surface of the hat slightly compressed from two sides, taking the shape of an oval. Obviously, you can’t combine a Fedora with jeans and a Polo. Hat for a more classic outfit. Soft felt hats will make you look manly and a bit mysterious like a gangster of the prohibition era. Fedora is associated with a truly radiant and courageous legacy of history.


Hat with short brim or pork pie

So named because of the similarity to the pie of pork, but this soft felt hat similar to the classic hat, but has a flat top instead of the oblong folds, like a crown. The hat brim is shorter and raised. The hat is often associated with jazz, Blues and ska culture. But was it Robert Oppenheimer, father of the atomic bomb.


A Homburg or the Homburg

The Homburg – another type of hat, such a soft felt hat. The edge is not as soft as in soft felt hats, so completely taken up around the entire circumference. Hat is accented with a ribbon for which you can plug the pen. The Homburg was a hat of politicians and diplomats in the 20th century. Endorsed by the Godfather and resurrected by Dogga rappers and Tupac, men’s felt hat today clearly bears the flavor of the gangster era.



The pots are solid, made of pliable material and have a very short edge. The bowler was part of the urban culture of America in the 19th century. For example, one of the bandit gangs that roamed the few streets of new York in this time period, was led by Plug Uglies, who never appeared without the pot. Gang members also wore them as a part of the image of the gang, and as a protection for the head during numerous fights with rival teams.


Wearing a hat

Hats can give you the feeling of a light cool and manly confidence. Few could wear the hat better than Frank Sinatra. He is always with his hat to convey different shades of emotions during the performance. We will show you some of the rules of wearing hats old Frank, which he used on stage and in life:

Wear my hat, sliding on the back to seem more open and accessible

Slide the hat on eyes to look mysterious and scary

Tilt your hat slightly to the side to create a business atmosphere

The etiquette of wearing hats


To wear hats as part of the image, you should know certain rules of etiquette. Adherence to these rules will show that your uniqueness extends not only to the choice of headgear, but show that you are not alien to good manners.

Quickly take off your hat upon entering the Elevator, restaurant or someone’s house. Never leave a hat during the meal.

Lightly touch the edge of your hat, greeting the other.

Put your hat over your head, meeting the woman in a public place.

Take off your hat during the national anthem and put it to her heart.

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