The results of the ice hockey World Championship

manygoodtips.com_19.05.2015_y9saNsVkGTZeOSo, have sunk into oblivion the next World hockey championship. Every year the same teams figure out who’s better. This time the clarification turned to our glorious national team scandal.

Best player

I have always been I remember Jaromir Jagr. For a long time that I am in sound mind, hundreds of famous hockey players started and ended their career. And the husband began his work shortly before my birth. By the way, in the photo he is about that period of his career. And he is now 43 years old, and he’s still on the ice.

What happens with most people when they reach this age? They grow fat, suffer from prostatitis, impotency and are unable to do push-UPS even 5 times.

What happens to the athletes? Suffer from remind yourself of the consequences of trauma and longing for the former glory.

What’s going on with Jagr? Gets the title of most valuable player of the tournament. Jagr scored eight points, scoring six goals, made three assists. I think my grandchildren will be interested to look at the most successful European in the history of the NHL, world champion, Olympic champion (and a bunch of titles). However, not in the team, the team he ended his career. It is time to give place to youth, because he could and to 50 play.

By the way, not a single Russian player in the symbolic team has not got. If Bobrovsky missed 6 goals, then maybe it would’ve hit. Although it is likely that this is a consequence of the action of our national team after the final of what is written below.

Jaromir Jagr

The team of the tournament

Of Course, Canada. Unlike the Czechs, the boys set a goal at any cost to get a good medal made of Bohemian crystal – the boys have achieved. Tore everything breaks, even the hosts of the tournament with Jagr. Well, roll out the current world Champions, what was our team to the finals, nothing is.

In fact they were not equal. They played aggressively, skillfully, like a maniac beating team, not bringing the matter to an unnecessary shootout. Since 2007 they have not won gold since 2010 they didn’t receive medals, but now the entire League season unbeaten.

Best goal

In our opinion, this is the washer Masyakina in the semi-finals with the Americans. First, a great counter-attack, and secondly, an important goal in the third period. He became the first and critical. After, as they say, away we go: as much as 4 dry washer. Well, anyway, all he did.

Although hockey is a sport that beautiful washer in it constantly clogged. So there is, as they say, a matter of taste. Someone will say that the puck Malkin scored by the Belarusians, more beautiful, but we love the Belarusians, so after all Masakin. Although choose your goal.

The sensation of the tournament

Sensation in the tournament was enough, and bright posters with very hard matches. The main sensation from time to time looked strong Belarusians, easily defeated the team of the US state Department to the delight of the Father (that’s right, no correct imitation of the Belarusian phonetics) right after our lost to them. Many believed that the semi-finals need to put «desperate guys» from the fraternal Republic. But as it turned out, with kandachka to win will not succeed. Then there was the defeat of the brotherly people (i.e. Russia), and then «Dad» and all cried when the Canadians roll their with the score 9:0. Overall they looked, as always, with dignity. But the semi-finals is still far.

A sensation can be called the final score in the final of the tournament. Well, who knew it could be…

Disappointment of the tournament

No, not the national team of Russia! The Czech Republic National Team. The hosts of the tournament prior to the championship, he beat his sticks on the teeth and claimed that any will win. After all, they are every 5 years wins. But the Canadians were too hungry to victories. And in the match for third place could try, at least, for the fans and not to lose so poorly to the Americans.

As for our team, I remember a time when our fans, the sublime mist of the celebration of the great Victory were deeply do not care that another world Cup has begun. Then Tretiak warned that I was tired and very young team do not Shine the second time to become champion. Moreover, passage to the finals do not have to wait. Should listen to the man, constantly in contact with our team. But it turned out that the team is quite intense. So there are big disappointments last year’s finalists the Finns and the Slovaks, who for a long time, despite past accomplishments and a good team, doing God knows what, not hockey.

Still a good coach Znarok and the passage to the final is a very good result. So to blame him is not worth it. Anyway, it is not necessary to run into the man who together with his friend arranged a destructive fight against the crowd in one of the restaurants. Yeah and look at his face: he can kill.

The scandal of the tournament

What would you think? Of course, leaving during the anthem. No one was able to explain why. The players are skilled, not the first day of play for the national team. You need to show respect to someone who beat you opponent. Anyway, in 2008 Canadians our national anthem listening.

The press service of the players mumbled that do not understand the situation, as was very upset.

They say that this demarche was organized, and its main initiator was the team captain Ilya Kovalchuk. By the time the canadian national anthem died away on the ice were only our main overseas star: Alexander Ovechkin, Evgeni Malkin and the young grandson of one of the best hockey coaches in history – Viktor Tikhonov.

Of course, now the team will be fined, but the most annoying is that the whole world disgraced. The audience was unpleasantly surprised. And then we wonder that this whole world doesn’t like.

«Well, your mother» tournament

When the sport of drag policy, it is very distorted. So, during the Cold War, the confrontation between Canada and the Soviet Union seemed doubly interesting because of the ideological component. Although now, when it has become historical, to watch the matches became less interesting.

But all the cries that «we need to fuck Pindos sanctions» spoil the atmosphere of the championship. Okay to avenge the unfair defeat at the Olympics, for the defeat in the group stage, but for this… fuck you.

To send and press attache of the national team Igor Larin, whereby the performance of the Russian team at the world Cup 2015 was accompanied by press releases about «avoid sports independence», «love to fatherlike coffins» and other nonsense that annoyed players alike. Some of them beloved in this very «Pindostan», so that such a heresy, of course, embarrassed.

And this whole series of comments, saying, «in Canada Bendery outgrowths, which in the US has not taken» (and do not care what Canada is still part of the British dominion and cannot enter in the US), «proudly walk through occupied Canada», «coffee in Montreal and sit in a parked next to the Armata, the highlight of the program: «But we had a Grand parade.» Brilliant!

As a result, the fans, most of whom began to follow the tournament with the semifinals (he follow the hype) issued its verdict of the tournament:

– We are not lost, but simply did not win.

– Pindos still got to suck on.

– Soon bomb Canada.

– Ukrainians have a national holiday.

– And this is because the Soviet Union collapsed! We need to gather again and will tear the Pindos.

So screw all this sickening bravado. It does not honor the country. The honor of the country was done by those 6 players who did not leave during the ill-fated national anthem, those who congratulated opponents with a victory.

The curse of the tournament

Everyone understands why our team lost? Because commented Viktor Gusev (pictured he, not woody Haroldson). And the famous «goose» the curse of the black mourning ribbon that runs through the entire history of the national sport. Important semifinal match at the Euros? Comments Gusev? Defeat. The Quarter-Finals Of The Olympics? Again Gusev? Account you remember. And so on. They say that nasal voice sucks the strength out of the athletes and capture their brain. That’s probably why our players are so sluggish and stupid played.

Victor, if you’re reading this — sorry. You are a very good commentator, but I would go You to Church or something…

Brawl tournament

Why do we love hockey? For the fact that there is a cool fight. In football and other nabitovsky sports extremely to take care of the image of the face. And in hockey and tooth lose is not terrible, just «smash this bitch». Most like hockey just for that. And they don’t care combinations.

But the tournament passed quietly enough, without cut skate fingers and vivid massive carnage. But thanks to Czech operators removed kosher slaughter, we considered it the best in the tournament.

Pay attention to the excellent right of Hudacek, not every boxer can do that. Oh, and hug Moore and Videnskii, in an attempt to squeeze the gloves to the eye. This is certainly not the regular season, when players will be back in the NHL especially the NHL fights will be more extensive, beautiful and cruel. But it is OK.


Yes, we lost. Lost disgusting. It feels like playing handicapped. Even in the Soviet cartoon about how bullies used to play hockey against kids was intriguing (although the action that the championship is not close). But either not enough sleep, or not enough skill, our guys are smart enough to take responsibility for the defeat on himself. This is not football. Finally, they reached the final for the second year in a row. Avenged Pindos? Revenge. They beat the Swedes in an intense match and fought very well for the disgusting shape in which they were located.

And to dominate on the world stage, we need to revive the system of child and youth sports. But that’s another story. And while you love the team even when she doesn’t win gold. Not long ago, us and silver seemed unattainable.

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