The rest of this year more productive

Before New year remained not so much time. And, of course, traditionally you’re planning to begin life with a clean slate, hardly chimes strike twelve. This is the most popular category in the history of its existence under the name «been there, done that» for three hundred. Maybe go against the system and try to improve the quality of my life right now so that in 2015 everything went as on the thumb, from the very start? as always will support you in your good endeavors and help Board.

1. Lose weight

BMI (BMI) is a formula for calculating body mass index. Such a mathematical approach has not found unequivocal support, as BMI should be used only for a rough estimate, relying on musculature, age, etc. However, a recent study conducted at the University of Alabama showed that a BMI over 30 can shorten your life by three years. Just keep that in mind.

2. To make acquaintance

According to another study, scientists from the U.S., centenarians are becoming open and friendly people. The staff of the medical College albert Einstein in new York have developed a questionnaire and distributed it 243 participants aged 85 to 100 years of the same nationality. The results showed that most of those who have reached old age, owned by the good-nature and happy to spend time, inviting to your guests. If you try a similar model of behavior, give yourself no more, no less, and seven additional years of life.

3. Chew nuts

Researchers from Loma Linda University found that those who eat nuts five days a week, add about three years of life. Fill up on peanuts, almonds, pistachios, pecans, hazelnuts and walnuts, but not in cakes, cookies and pastries, in their natural form.

4. Correct vision things

Another batch of clever Yale told the world that those who are unconcerned about old age and the aging process, benefit thus about five very useful years of life. And those who are already 30 I believe that the best years behind, you risk passed away from cardiovascular disease, and not knowing the sweet taste of Bitner and the smell of old gel from the aching bones.

5. Do not write to the ocean

If fate has thrown you into the ocean water, do not try to celebrate small need. No kidding. Sharks, but the blood, are very susceptible to all the bodily fluid of the person. You can easily do not what to cut, and to dramatically cut your life in such neverauskas way.

6. Drink more water

Out, not just when you are thirsty. Water improves your metabolism, displays the body of toxins, reduces the risk of heart attack, boosts immune system, helps «sculpt» the muscles and affects our overall health. Its usefulness cannot be overstated.

7. Stock up on grapefruits

Israeli scientists found that eating just one red grapefruit a day lowers cholesterol by 20%. Perhaps this fruit has very specific taste, so to speak… how do you like the taste of a heart attack?

8. And chocolate

As stated by experts from the Netherlands, consumption of dark chocolate daily can reduce the probability of occurrence of cardiovascular pathologies, and in particular, heart attack and stroke. During the research it became known that an optimum variant of development, that is with daily use of this product, it is possible to prevent about a hundred non-fatal and 15 fatal outcomes of cardiovascular diseases per 10 thousand people. And all these people were on medication for over ten years. Scientists have concluded that chocolate can be used as effective intervention strategies. But again – in moderation.

9. Don’t ignore raw vegetables and fruits

Again, the opening of the British scientists: people who eat seven servings of fruits and raw vegetables per day 42% less likely to die early. The risk of death decreased by 36% when consuming five portions, 29% in consumption of three and by 14% when consumed 1 to 3 servings. As for the key diseases, the researchers suggest that eating seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by 31%, and the risk of death from cancer by 25%, plus increase the life expectancy of two years. One serving is approximately equal to the size of your fist or palm.

10. Expand your culinary horizons

Taste buds are susceptible to rapid die-off, and the tumor, therefore, with age, their sensitivity is dulled. Think about olives, you couldn’t stand a couple of years ago, and now the ears will not drag. A change of taste may not happen for some ephemeral ten years, and just over six months. Don’t know exactly how this mechanism works, apparently, it all depends on each person, but try six months later, again to eat something that you categorically did not like.

11. Change tee

There are several advantages that you can bring the usual t-shirt and V-neck. But do not overdo it with its depth. Although, in General, this neck is a real find: it opens the neck and makes the image loose. From the point of view of physiology, the V neckline will suit men with a broad chin. Grey, black and white colors — basic for basic wardrobe. T-shirts with these colors you can wear with anything.

12. Be smoother

If nature gave you large forms, but simply put, you’re a little fatty, in the classic version you will have to sit perfectly pleated pants. They give more space your mighty fifth point and visually make the body more proportional. But actually pleated pants very few people go. Gradually go from bright stripes, squares or whatever you used to wear with the clown, go to the noble style, preferring the quality is outrageous. Well, learn to combine.

13. Equalizes the contrasts

Black shirt with light summer trousers? You obviously reviewed the movies with Danny DeVito. Dark shirt + darker pants = Clint Eastwood. A dark belt on a light pants looks like a neon sign that indicates or promotes that clear. Control variety of colors of your wardrobe.

14. Wear size

Baggy things are rarely on someone sitting harmoniously and stylishly. Or you look like a skinny teenager from the slums, which wrapped like a blanket, hoodie, hiding bulging from hunger ribs, or a bad thing will give you a couple of kilos in weight. Better not to risk.

15. Don’t get stuck in the textures

Stripes, paint, dots and zigzags easily distract from the perception of the overall picture, that is you. Of course, if you work in sales and want to hypnotize «treated» for a customer that doesn’t concern you. Of course, if this method works.

16. Turn on the light

Turn table/bedside lamp as soon as your alarm is working. Artificial light is a good way of deliverance from the power of Morpheus. Your lawful stay «five more minutes» with the light, and feel ready to get out of bed and do great things.

17. Do stretching

Carefully pull yourself up and swing your aging bones, if for some reason you’re not capable of a full charge.

18. Fall out

Create a smart playlist and include it in its Wake. Music is a strength, cure, support and salvation from the morning laziness brittle.

19. Never forget about Breakfast

At least think about the power of grapefruit described above. Pour yourself a Cup of coffee would be better than nothing or an empty one coffee on an empty stomach. If you’re not well shaken with energy, you will drop the blood sugar, you will become lethargic, mediately and gloomy man, whose body is exhausted. It is necessary to you?

20. Laugh me here

Laughter leads to the release into the blood of endorphins, which are internal analgesic and relaxes the muscles. Incidentally, there is even a special branch of science called psychoneuroimmunology. Laughter is perceived by the body as a call for the mobilization of defensive cells, which aims to destroy viruses, tumor cells, and also to the activation of the immunoglobulins, T-lymphocytes, interferon. Lovers to laugh really less likely to get sick. And it is a kind of aerobics for cardiovascular system. Pulse quickens, blood rushes to face. Laughter which lasts only 15-20 seconds able to «make» a heart for 3-5 minutes.

21. Run

The usual 30-second sprint can burn in you negative energy, tension, anger and confusion that you persistently accumulate within the hour. When you feel the wire heating up, run like a little kid. And then laugh at themselves. And earn a reputation crazy city.

22. Get the glory from periodic

German scientific study has shown that our brain continues to work at night when we sleep, the daytime problems. Healthy sleep is not only needed rest and chance for realization in the morning to let tormenting you before the question and who is to blame and what to do next.

23. Coffee break

Day hardly exceeded the middle, and you stupidly stare at the monitor, flipping through news feed «Vkontakte» and nifiga not doing? Perhaps you suffer from the decline of concentration. One good Cup of coffee can save the situation, providing you a 45-minute leap in intellectual power, in terms of attention, concentration and memory.

24. Hit the juice

Glucose-rich juices improve mood and mental performance in stressful situations, according to Dutch research. Make sure you select a quality fortified drink, read the ingredients list, reviews and not in themselves lay powder dye just because it was on the stock, «eight packs for the price of ten.»

25. Learn something new

Five new foreign words. Or just five new words. A new page in an exciting book, a new album of a new group. It can be anything! The world is always ready to surprise you with its sweeping variety and to ignore this is just a criminal waste.

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