The residents of Ukraine in the fridge wintered 150 bats


Elena Gukasova, a zoologist from the Ukraine, for six years engaged in very interesting work — saves bats from winter and its harmful effects. The girl collects the wounded and sick bats (usually there are bats). She then packages them in special linen bags. Why? To less moving. Especially poor she feeds on insects and watered with water from a large spoon. Bats love it!

Now it’s time to release the winged mice, because it’s time: spring is here (somewhere, man). 150 flying creatures the girl had killed and 150 survived the difficult winter hibernating in a little bag.

Now she will release them one by one. Also, she shared how to properly release the bats: it is necessary to hold them in the palm of your hand until they come to their senses and do not fly. Throw a mouse is not needed. Now you have the necessary skills, dude, so do leave bats!

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