The researchers found the most amazing degree of stubble


Unshaven have always been considered attractive, don’t know why it happened, just that she was considered attractive and that’s it. The guys from the University of New South Wales in Australia, who really have something to do conducted an interesting study. They determine when the stubble reaches the peak of its beauty and attractiveness for both women and men.

The study involved 351 female and 177 heterosexual men. These people were shown pictures of the growth of the beard some people during a certain period of time: one day, two days, five days, seven days, ten days. The most attractive almost 80 percent of respondents believe the beard grown for 10 days. This beard like a man, as a model of courage and women, as an example of sexuality. Surprising unanimity!

Most unsightly stubble about 90 percent of men and women believe a five — day stubble- like, really ugly and messy.

It’s up to you, dude, but know that more than 10 days — too much.

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