The reasons why you’re afraid of a serious relationship

Our generation have developed a clear position about the strong relationship. The position is to ensure that they, at least, undesirable, and as a maximum — not needed. Most of the people became followers of a new religion called «life without commitment.» But is it good? We understand that there are really people who are extremely happy to be limited to casual sex. But sometimes life want something big, but you can not even understand, because there are reasons that are only associated with fear.

«In the sea there are fish more»

The first thing that comes to mind when you look at the girl you like, and think about something great, so that’s what «not yet, because the world is full of girls, and why should I associate with this?». Are you sure that you will have plenty of opportunities to find a girl prettier, better and nicer. But if you turn to the experience of real people, you will see that a lot of guys thought so, but that was a total regret of lost opportunities. It is not necessary to cling on to a person you don’t like, but if your girlfriend is the best thing in your life? Think about it.

Behind bad experiences

But it happens that controls the past, present — that’s not cool. Many went through a failed relationship, when you give yourself completely, and in response to receiving a treason. Many were burned a «serious relationship», so to get back to them can be difficult. You suddenly begin to think that all women are creatures of the past, and they cannot be trusted. But don’t be stupid. The past should not control your present, so forget about what happened. Yes, you are «lucky» to meet a bad woman, but now you can start with a clean slate. So if you meet with a beautiful girl, then give her a chance is the other person.

You don’t want to grow up

It happens that your fear is based on the fact the comfort to which you are accustomed during the years of his youth. You never planned your life in advance. You don’t know where you’ll be in ten years, where you work, and what legacy I want to leave behind. «Live one day» is your commandment that has every right to be taken seriously. But you have to stop and have a little think about what will happen next.

Time is a fast substance, which spares no one. You think you live a free life, but actually climb into a bear trap, which will close its blades your life, make it senseless and dead. But you know, there’s nothing wrong with attachment to one girl. It’s okay to grow up — to reach a higher level of relations. It’s not a death sentence, because you are not obliged to live with a girl forever — to escape is always possible.

You’re afraid to be trapped

Speaking of traps. This may be the greatest fear is to be trapped. And if among your friends there are those. who live «under the thumb», then you know how awful life can be with a girl. Usually this fear is manifested in those of us who are actually able to take their positions. But then you are your own executioner and Savior, you put yourself in a relationship, so you’ll live. If you’re faint-hearted boy who agrees to everything, then no one will be surprised that a friend forbids you to go out with friends in bars (it’s possible that she’s not gonna tell you directly, but will be whining and hassling you when you go to friends). But if you’re afraid that it will happen. A healthy relationship is not servitude, but you need to try to keep them healthy.

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