The reasons why you are still not having sex

The article, which many waited.

Of course, this is only part of the layer of reasons why your rose overripe. It is clear that the mother gave birth to you not to some prostitutes, but at 23 to be a virgin is too. We took the most common reasons because of the important role played by personal factors and nuances. But it is the cornerstone of loneliness. To follow or not to follow is your own business, but we would recommend.

You overestimate yourself

Gipertonicheskaya self-esteem can play a cruel joke with you. Do you think, do you really think you so hot and so Horny that they deserve every day to fall asleep surrounded by beautiful angelic nymph with the devil’s bed habits? If so, then hasten to disappoint: you are not as tough as it may seem. Your confidence is very good, but when it develops into narcissism and exaggerated self-confidence, then nothing good is not over. If you’re so great, then what is so miserable? You don’t look as good as you think you are not as interesting as you want, and you’re too late in this bestial state. Rose-colored glasses of self-love interfere to correct mistakes, but actually, if to rate you on a scale from 1 to 10, you’re somewhere in the top three. It would be easier, threw a couple of points, and so zvinyayte, banani a lot.

You can’t maintain eye contact

Nothing gives you a bumbling youngster as inability to maintain eye contact. You can’t keep eye contact, but somehow expect to provoke her into oral sex in his apartment? Home and her to delay the plan? Will tell you that you have mind-blowing collection of labels from beer? What can I say, it’s worse than it may seem.

Solid eye contact with a little cheeky smile does much more than boring monotonous story. In look can read all, especially as it manifested animal magnetism and confidence. And those things without which the lady did not win.

Funny as ass

Many people think that they are pretty fun and funny, although in fact they are even more boring TV «Home». Sense of humor is an art. Here’s what you last time you were funny? Sent out my mates funny pics? Want to be with someone was fun, positive, interesting as the concert of Sergey Drobotenko, but not in line for a textbook on calculus.

Not falsify

You are not one of those guys who date girls just for the sake of the next «stars» on Board? Look, people notice the hypocrisy. Not all girls are slutty and show the area just below the navel for a few banal compliments about the wonderful and graceful orbit of the nasal septum. Don’t be the ultimate asshole and keep that in mind.

You can talk about sex as an adult?

Maybe you’re a virgin just because girls did not understand that you don’t mind to join in this sacred act? Maybe you did not see the coveted gleam in his eyes and once again thought that you have no chance? The easiest way to assess someone’s sexual interest is to talk about sex. If all conversations are reduced to the discussion of the populations of rare trees in the Amazon, there’s really nothing to catch.

Yes, and you don’t act like a seventh grader who starts silly giggle when talking about sex in biology class. If you’re an adult (or at least think themselves so), you should be able to and not be ashamed to talk about such intimate topics. A lot of girls like those don’t shy away from. No, they don’t tell at the first meeting about his ex-boyfriend and how they love. But if you were talking heart to heart, if managed carefully turn out on trail Mature discussions and if honest, then congratulations, my boy. Today you become an adult.

Meet on clothes

«Freedom of style and expression! I dress how I like!» All this talk is wonderful, but if you dress like stuck in 96-m to year the accountant, what do you expect? I understand that your great-grandfather in those pants in the cavalry Budennogo head chopped, but do not need them to go on dates. Do not need to walk in them, they look bad, though, and will outlive us all. And flare is not necessary, and a t-shirt with print «Sochi 2014» also.

Unfortunately, it just so happened that many think that once you’re behind the times in clothing, then behind and in other aspects of life. Plus bad toilet makes people unattractive. Good equipment can raise the level of desirability of at least 1 or 2 points. You know, the most disgusting. Have to dress up in costumes of characters in «Streets of broken lamps» to watch when no one is looking.

Should always be a fallback

«The bright ideals… dream girl, with whom I had sex, and she will be my forever,» – this talk had to disappear somewhere in the class 8. Commitment to one-the only one that refused, bring to the despair of not worse than the domestic economy. My friend, love comes and goes, ladies are changing, the attachment, too, and the passion to certain objects of desire after the «detailed» (well, you understand me) fun is replaced by frustration and boredom. Passion evaporates.

So do not despair and shed tears. She’s not the only one. Should always be a fallback.

Do not overdo it

Fuck – it’s not the violin to play, not always applied super-rewarded. So do not try, like the seller in the market trying to sell you some game. Less aggression, man. 2016 in the yard porn and life in the way batarda, in the end, has not been canceled.

Without unnecessary vulgarity and vulgarity

If you are interested in a serious girl, you do not need to try to look available, lax and overly free spirit. Maybe she plans to first take you by the hand, and then you build from a aggressive technique, capable of anything for fun. Be reticent, behave yourself, and don’t talk about sex.

Very ugly is the verdict?

How do you feel about people who don’t take care of themselves and look scarier than hell? That’s right, even ugly people pay too much attention to the exterior. However, the concept of beauty – something loose, some even believe that a man should be a little nicer monkey and manly, like a caveman. If you’re light, funny and smart, the appearance will fade into the background. Just wash yourself more often and not grow ulcers on his beautiful face. Sports is also a good idea to do, because if the curve face is difficult to correct, these nuances can be changed personally.

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