The reasons that keep you moving forward

Do not want to write a long Preface, you know what it is, when life is stalled in one place and can not go to light the way, lit by the guiding star. And the reason is that the following things are entrenched in life, like cellulite in the ass, so they should get rid of.

And, my dear,

I don’t love you.

You can’t move forward!

– From the song of the group «Zero», «School of life» –


Advisor the Advisor alike. Although everyone wants to stand out their life experience and not so much to help as to show their superiority and possession of a situation. In General, all that can show you. But it’s better than bad advice (not under Grigory Oster will be said).

Do not forget that all this palaver for the benefit of» it can be easy to misunderstand. And like people told you how to behave, dotted the road said. but not said go to be careful on the road – pits, so you failed.

And most importantly, don’t listen to advice cynical, lonely misanthropes. These people are usually sharp as cheekbones Sigourney weaver, mind, but otherwise they completely failed. Here and justify the inconsistency hated graceolivia. A lot of mind, but only enough to indicate who’s shit. It is clear that Alexander Gordon on this career did, presenting himself as all-knowing intellectual, but I think people who haven’t listened to it, equally happy.

Silly thoughts

Society seduces you, the media corrupts, culture depressing, and sad, the brain, can not withstand the power devices from the side of reality, begins to bear nonsense, that does not allow you to sleep, nor eat, nor live as the party bequeathed. This idea that you’re doing it wrong, and that it is too late to change, and the very sneaky idea that you have and all is well. Trust me, someday you realize in horror what been the latrine you were. Is not too late to change anything (as you remember, don’t think), but out shining in the clinical purity of life will be much harder.

Alignment with other

Equal only to their ideals, to Jesus Christ, for example. Well, or Richard Dawkins, there’s everything from faith and upbringing depends. «I didn’t see that others did so. None of the visitors are not behaving humanly». And you lead! Do not descend in his nonconformity, and act, the risk if it does not violate the accepted principles and does not harm humanity. Although, if you area nobody eats pork, you may need to change the area.

Even more important to think about what others will say. Archimedes was considered a fool, but its arms year-round upset of Roman ships. How others can make accurate estimates and predictions of your actions, if you live a different life?

And don’t forget that all of these people to achieve all their benefits, too risky, trying to live better than others, or at least not worse.

Excessive perfectionism

Old Indian grandmother said: «Everything is good in moderation». And spread this idea through the cities and villages, passing the light head obese, Japanese porn actress, and greedy children. And perfectionism measure is necessary. You can prepare to look for the wrong item, but the clock is ticking the clock is ticking, and opportunities flow away. As said Stas Baretsky, trying unsuccessfully to gain weight: «the Main thing – to begin». The initiative is already making you ready, and you know that, in General, it is not so scary. And missing parts can be added along the way.


Fear of everything, slime fear, which binds in front of important things. By the way, Woe – is also a product of fear. Self-doubt is rooted in fear. What can you do, need to get together to understand that you live for yourself and have nothing to fear.

Use fear as a barometer: the more captures, the closer you are to correction, and hence to success. And generally, throw that word out of your head, use the word «excited», it has more life and positivity.


It banal of platitudes. Laziness, she and the Infernal boilers laziness, for it is there, by the way, punished. But in reality, for laziness punishes life itself. Punishes harshly, cynically. Such sadism even the dungeons of the Lubyanka didn’t know.

Snotty fat worm sloth to drown in the Bud with the first sign of symptoms such as procrastination, justification of their idleness, and the like. Withdraw the worm from the body, just need hard work and discipline. If not, all sorts of difficulties and beating.


Of course, we are all unique and not like everyone else. But, if your uniqueness is in the way of your happiness, then it’s the wrong kind, then you need to cut branched Pantocrinum to head in the doorway was placed, and on the brain not weighed. And still need to get off the throne. You know, it is comfortable, but from time to time. You’ve been holed up there safely, I say… get Out! Get on the level where there are normal people, and sublime, or exterminate you, «I» bring to its normal degree. If people perceive you, and life became easier, then you’re on the right track.

Fear of the new

No great discoveries there would be no modern world. Without curiosity there would be that magical device with which you read all these articles. Without the courage and attempts to learn something new would not be you. Nice friend, don’t be afraid to discover new, because our life is one of discovery and riveted.

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