The reason Sep, stuffed mouth

Kit Harrington is an actor in one role, and information is the most important resource in our era. And when it becomes public, starts hell. Sofas materialists experts, and starts raising the boring facts. In short, a pain. This month there have been more events than in the history of Swaziland and is the band’s Europa, who sang «The Final Countdown». Here are just a few.

House Peskov

We felt really sorry for Mr Peskov. No, not that grimace of a clown, who rides across the stage, portraying celebrities, and the press Secretary of the President. Well, do not know how people hide their possessions, which it all attached? Well, a man bought a house for $ 470 million, so what? Well come the newlyweds for a wedding in hours for 37 million, what’s it to you? Rejoice for people. Everyone knows that the officer can not (with his salary) to earn even at the cottage, well, calm down. As if the press Secretary has the means, can not afford!

Another thing – his legendary mustache. Dmitry, not solid.

GDP and the world

«Putin spoke! And you heard Obama an hour and a half talking. Walked out. Well done, I suppose this macaque has cancer!» – is heard around. Two days of talk about Putin’s speech before the «infernal monsters, hungry for Russian blood.» The UN President, all of us coolly defended and secured. Only in speech and nothing new was said, so that casting delight with amphora before. This is not a mass stampede for Christmas in Mecca, so the reason for no joy.

In General, in recent time, much gossip about Putin sold. One brave Jewish (meaning Jewish journal has even published a classification of his twins. While the famous log roll tests of the type «How are you today, Vladimir Putin». It is unclear whether this is due to the upcoming birthday of El Presidente, or just in the background hushed Ukraine is not enough news. We love the GDP, but to hear about it 24 hours a day, ranging from blind bootlicking to idiotic rumors something hard.

Slutsky – the Savior

Thank God subsided, but in early September, after the victorious March of the Swedish redoubts and Liechtenstein on Monday, Leonid Slutsky elevated to the rank of the Savior of the domestic football that is not working for pennies, and for the honor and dignity of the country. In secret, he is paid very good money to CSKA. And now the second secret: we still have to play Montenegro, with whom we played (the fire that hit the net, gave us the victory) and with Moldova, with which we skated in a draw. Slutsky was able to establish the atmosphere in the team, but give him better quietly refined. Not to inflate expectations, so God forbid not to be disappointed from not getting on the Euro… that we may not need. Although the person who dances so well, can’t fail team.

Brother, I brought you a fortune

No, the hype around the «Battle of psychics» we are not annoying (some on this show do not care). We do not irritate even people naive to think that Sergei Igorevich really has psychic abilities. Everything is justified because of a Groin plays convincingly. Land of the dead cause, as Heron snaps – all in the best traditions. So we will await developments with anticipation. Five bottles of vodka the producers of the show who thought to call the legend. Gear looked those who haven’t watched it yet. Groin not flies, catches bullets with his teeth, but he does something simple and effective. It is also located within the boundaries of a materialistic world and in the mystical. This is a true post-modernism. Bravo to the acting talent of Pahom! Bravo to the writers!

Syria in Europe

For a long time immigrants have not irritated with the 20-ies, when the mass Exodus of Italians poured into the United States of did America.

And all anything, of course, people have the tragedy. And the dead boy who was dragged along the beach for good pictures, too. But Kosovo Albanians, who, under General confusion to penetrate into the developed countries, do not mind. Not sorry for the refugees, languishing in camps without food, because among them every day are the extremists. Don’t feel sorry for the immigrants who hang out in Germany banners with the eloquent writing: «Your children will pray to Allah!» When the guests begin to behave like pigs, which they so despise, when they threaten, barely crossed the threshold when the level of crime in Pacific countries increases from the first portion of the immigrants, it is scary. Well done to the Hungarians, who are trying to somehow to be isolated. The European pie is sweet, but it comes at a price. Well done to the Czechs and Slovaks. It does not appear inhospitable, it is self-defense, because, as you say in earth orbit, «an uninvited guest is worse than Gagarin.»

And our media need to stop gleefully spill the Nightingale trills of the collapse of Europe. Our own situation is not better, are humbly closing our eyes to the dominance and lawlessness of immigrants. Remember Eid al-Adha and tell me how many of them had Russian passport and work permit? It is the same.

We are respectful to decent, appropriate and law-abiding Muslims, honors the law of God and the law written in the Criminal Code, and in any case do not want to cause them offense. Don’t take our words as intolerance towards Muslims. Take it as intolerance of human cruelty, meanness and savagery.

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