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manygoodtips.com_19.08.2014_Rp91BI87oHdBPWe are all familiar with the legendary novel by Daniel Defoe, and with bated breath, empathized with the main characters of the TV series «LOST». But as it was checking for lice, if you personally were in the wild of nature! Try to try on one of those scenarios that happened to real people.

1. Rybak, who was found at sea after 13 months


In early 2014, on the Atoll of the Marshall Islands were found Jose Salvador Alvarenga, who drifted on his tiny fishing boat in the waters of the Pacific ocean more than a year. It found more than 6,000 miles from the coast of Mexico, where he lived a fisherman.

Many skeptics doubt the veracity of his story, but the public still tend to believe in the salvation of a fisherman.

The alvarenga said that he went on a day shark hunting in December 2012 with his juvenile companion, who is only 15 years old, and caught in a storm, which damaged the engine of the boat, and the fishermen were forced to surrender to the mercy of fate and the flow.

His partner and a young fellow fisherman, Ezekiel Cordoba — did not survive. The alvarenga told that the teenager died a month later a tragic accident, because the body of the young guy did not take the blood of turtles and fish.

The alvarenga lives again with his family and still trying to improve their health. To this day, he vehemently denies the accusations of cannibalism, who allegedly helped him to survive.

2. The new Zealander, who dreamed of becoming the victim of a shipwreck in the Pacific ocean


New Zealander Tom Neale 16 years (1961 — 1977) lived on the coral Atoll of Suvorov near the cook Islands, located in the Pacific ocean.

From early childhood, the Nile did not give rest to the laurels of Robinson Crusoe, and at night, he fantasized about their hot peers, and how, shipwrecked, he struggles with the forces of nature.

He first came to the cook Islands at 18 years old when he enlisted in the Royal new Zealand Navy. After his military service came to an end, he got a job in one of the shops, located on the island, where he met writer Robert Dean Frisbee, and he was fascinated by his stories about the beauty of the Atoll Suvorov. And as soon as Neal visited these places, he immediately felt at home.

In October 1952 the Nile gathered food supplies, tobacco, various tools, two cats and went to the Islands. One of them, he found a ruined hut and settled in it.

Neil has adapted to island life quite easily and lived, feeding on fish, crabs and shellfish, coconuts, breadfruit, bananas and vegetables are grown. Sometimes, he talked with tourists who wanted to meet a modern Robinson Crusoe.

Neil lived on the island until 1977, when cancer forced him to return to the mainland. He died eight months later. His grave is in the RSA cemetery on Rarotonga in the cook Islands in front of the airport. He described his life on the Atoll Suvorov in his autobiography — to the Island.

3. The man who spent 60 days on a deserted island, armed only with a camcorder


Former army British army captain ed Stafford spent 60 days on a deserted island in the Pacific ocean, filming their adventures on video.

The Discovery channel later bought these tapes, releasing them on the basis of the cycle of serial transfer of «Naked survival. Ed Stafford.»

When Stafford was on the island, he had to learn various methods to lure game into a trap, the basics of fishing with bare hands.

On the first day of ed found in his cave sea snails that came to his very liking. Thirst quenched, cap’n coconuts.

Two weeks later, he managed to light the fire. And later — to kill a wild goat, which helped to give him a good bash.

Later, Stafford told me, that the greatest difficulty for him was the isolation from people and human interaction. Often, he worried about how he was losing his mind, feeling only a tiny grain of sand among this vast ocean.

4. The hermit, who defied the authorities


David Berges, 63-year-old outcast (by choice), whose way of life was subjected to violent attacks by local authorities.

Officials said that David has no right to live on the territory of the Exmoor national Park after he applied for the ownership of the land. Why not, exactly?

For three decades, Berges lived in a picturesque Park in an impromptu beach house, which he built from available scrap materials. He made a kind of mattress of dry leaves, window frames and even the stairs(!) out of driftwood and washed wood.

In December 2011, «Forester Dave» and the owners of the Park have reached an agreement that allowed him to stay in the cabin.

Many still doubt the meaning of such «seclusion», because in the cold season Bergis lives in a warm and cozy house of his friends, close to the Park.

5. The couple who conducted a social experiment in the best traditions of the series «LOST»


A young and an adventurer Lucy Irving was 25 years old when she saw an ad in the newspaper that wanted «a wife who for a decent prize, will make the company a lonely man on a desert island for one year.» In 1982, without delaying long, Lucy and her new 49-year-old new husband — Gerald Kingsland, went to the island of Tuin, off the coast of Indonesia.

Relationship the couple from the beginning was not very smooth. The Kingsland has built relationships in the framework of a strict dictatorship, and Lucy, each time laughing at all his attempts to become king of the mountain.

But nevertheless, they were forced to trust, help and rely on each other to survive in these beautiful but unforgiving places.

But when the island was struck by drought, the couple was on the verge of starvation, but was saved in time the neighbors from the neighboring Islands. A year later, Lucy Irving left the island with her husband, (and they are officially married), and according to her, never saw her ex-husband. She told reporters that it was a valuable experience which taught her discipline and to appreciate what you have.

6. Hunters of sharks, who survived 10 months in the oceans


In October 2005, five men sailed from port San Blas (Mexico) to fish sharks. A few hours after the start of the trip was up a very strong wind and a small boat in a storm drifted directly into the vastness of the Pacific ocean. On the first day, the fishermen saw floating by the ship, SOS shouted and waved, but the ship sailed past.

Ten months, three of the survivors, Issued to Jesus Lopez, 27, Salvador Ordonez, 37, and Lucio Rendon, 27, landed in Majuro, the capital of the Marshall Islands, aboard a Taiwanese trawler which rescued them.

The men survived by eating raw fish and birds, quenching his thirst with rainwater. When the fishermen arrived in Mexico, they were greeted as heroes. And one of them at home waiting for not only a wife, but a six-month daughter who managed to be born during his absence.

7. Honeymoon with the seals.


Newlyweds Eddie and Bee Stebbings Bush, who work as caretakers in the wildlife Park on the island of Skomer, where under natural conditions develops and lives a colony of 180 young Atlantic grey seal, will remember their honeymoon, thanks to a giant elephant that lived in their boat when it ran aground on the shores of the island.

«It was about four times my weight, eight foot long and clearly not worried about the fact that we can cause him some discomfort,» said Eddie later Stebbings. Seal held in the boat four days before to get out of there. During his four-day seclusion, the pair ate a fish which they cooked on an open fire, being able to make a fire.

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