The real opener of this ammunition

Kul plyashki opener1534969401

Opener — the farm thing is very useful, especially if it can be easy to carry. Well, you know from our heading «Inventory». Advantages of the can opener that can be easy to carry, adds that she looks great or just good looks.

Some seriously believe that the most rigorous way to open a bottle is to open it with your teeth or, for example, using swords. But we do not think so. The most rigorous method of opening the bottle, according to manygoodtips.comis to open it with… cartridge.

Once it really was cartridge, 50 caliber, but now it’s a can opener. Some smart people in all seriousness pulled out of his deadly stuffing and let the left disc on the peace deal. Although, most likely, it used the ammunition. And they can understand that it is very strictly looks.

Opener made in USA and sold at a retail price of $ 16.

Kul plyashki opener0598985841

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