The Quidditch world Cup


In spite of everything, the universe of Harry Potter is a very popular universe, did not prevent its popularity, and logical (not to most fans) the conclusion of the Saga, and even the fact that many of the clergy openly against the boy Who lived.

Recently, on Sunday, April 14, successfully completed the Quidditch world Cup. Yeah, dude, this is the most brutal and wildly traumatic game with brooms, which was invented by Rowling in the original trilogy. Of course, in the air on broomsticks, no one could not get up, the players just jumped up and down on broomsticks, like toy horses, but probably felt the spirit of the tale.

The competition involved 80 teams from different universities in North America, South America and even Europe. Just came on the pitch 1600 people that will agree, for a fantastic sport a lot. Fans of Rowling is still missing, however, she could write several books about the Harry Potter universe: the universe is quite good, although it has its drawbacks. By the way, the championship is held for the sixth time, his organization is the international Quidditch Association (International Quidditch Association IQA) — the magic here such pies with kittens.

If you’re wondering what it looks like Maslowski Quidditch — look at Wikipedia.

Players of the University of Texas embrace after winning the Quidditch World Cup VI against ucla in Kissimmee, Florida

Logan Anbinder, Matthew Bunn, Ahmed Al-Slaq

Sunil, In Matthew McVeigh

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